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Cursed death and decay riddle the streets of Vivec City. Rumors of an unearthly cult below the canals shake the citizens with fear and disgust.

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The Forgotten
A horror quest mod by Team Horny Skulls
Made for the 2018 May Modathon Competition

"The Forgotten are a group of fanatical cultists that serve Namira. Their numbers are unknown, because they have secret members all across Tamriel. The cult kidnap and torture citizens of the Empire, and once they are done playing with their victims they kill them and eat their remains. They go by many names. Sometimes they call themselves the 'Coven of Namira,' or the 'Servants of Filth.' " -Rolmlen Llethro


Cursed death and decay riddle the streets of Vivec City. Rumors of an unearthly cult below the canals shake the citizens with fear and disgust. In this tale of horror, a high ranking Ordinator of the High Fane entrusts our hero with infiltrating a coven of cannibals calling themselves “The Forgotten.” Yet their intentions are unclear and their morality swayed. Will our hero be the protector we need? Or will they be yet another scourge among the ranks of filth?


  • Join or destroy The Forgotten cult of Namira.
  • Craft skeleton-laced furniture to decorate your homes.
  • Choose your own destiny through multiple optioned quests.
  • Cultists will realistically re-act to player-created light sources.
  • Gain the ability to harvest flesh off of the corpses of your enemies.
  • Espless compatibility with Morrowind Uncut (Removed from Nexus) and Morrowind Content Restoration Patch for Namira's Ring.


To harvest flesh from a NPC, equip the dagger given to you in the quest line and strike a corpse with it. 
Your short blade skill does not affect your ability to harvest flesh.


  • Both Expansions.
  • The latest version of MWSE.


This mod slightly alters a few cells. These are:

- Vivec, High Fane
- Balmora, Eight Plates
- Vivec, Hlaalu Underworks
- West Gash Regions: -12,9; -13,10;-13,9.

Any mod that alters these cells drastically, will most likely be incompatible with this quest mod. Furthermore, due to MWSE function usage, this quest mod is INCOMPATIBLE with OpenMW.  MWSE is used for several mechanics in this mod that would be either difficult or impossible to do with openmw's currently available scripting.  Users of Morrowind Content Restoration Patch will not have to worry about incompatibility with Namira's Ring, MWSE allows for dynamically checking if Namira's Ring already exists in your game and adjusts dialogue and gameplay accordingly.  Note that as of 1.0 our own version of Namira's Ring has not been added due to lack of time so it is recommended that you use one of these.

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Morrowind Content Restoration Patch by Ferretmyster/Remiros



Jdoobys robes by Jdooby
Blood and Gore by TheLys
Namira Statue by Wildman 
The Outlander Library by London Rook
Better Bodies (Textures) by Psychodog Studios
Tamriel Data by Tamriel Rebuilt & Project Tamriel Teams
Lyithdonea - The Azurian Isles ALPHA by Melchior Darhk 


In Doubt by Purple-Planet


Caeris: Writer and Scriptor.
Enclavekiller: Director, Level Designer, Modeler, and Scriptor.


Special Thanks

Greatness7 - For heavy scripting and modelling assistance.
Remiros -For creating the ceremonial dagger from scratch.
R-Zero - For modelling assistance.


NullCascade for the amazing MWSE 2.0+ Lua.
The Discord community for the support and help!

We hope you enjoy this mod!