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Restores a lot of content cut from the final game.

Permissions and credits
Morrowind Content Restoration

 By Remiros

1.    Requirements
2.    Description
3.    Permissions
4.    Installation
5.    Removal
6.    Credits
7.    Recommended Mods
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This is my attempt at restoring content that was cut from the final game. I made this because, in my opinion, other mods include too many things that definitely do not classify as cut content or are simply not implemented in a sensible manner.
The mod itself is divided into several plugins, each restoring different aspects of the game. Each one works on its own and you can pick and choose what you like. The included plugins are:

*Ald Redaynia Village:
Adds the small village of Ald Redaynia that was mentioned ingame, but strangely doesn't exist.

*Ald-Ruhn Underground:
Adds an underground area to Ald-Ruhn, that was referenced by several unused NPCs and items.

This is one of the bigger plugins that adds several unused items to the game that were cut. This includes the artifacts Wings of the Queen of Bats, the Ring of  Namira and the Devourer.

*NPCs and Creatures:
This plugin adds most NPCs and creatures that were cut and can be implemented in a natural way.

*Secret Master Items:
This adds the unused secret master items to the game. I left this as a seperate plugin, since these items are extremely powerful.

This adds all of the unused vampires to their respective lairs. They are insignificant, but make the vampire lairs much deadlier.

Full documentation with each individual change can be found at the end of the description as well as the Docs section.


This mod can be used however you want as long as you refer to the permissions set by the original authors of the assets included.


Drop the contents into your data files folder and activate the .esps.

If you use the Ald Redaynia plugin you have to regenerate Distant Land.


Deactivate the .esps that come with this mod.


Thanks to Yar-Yulme for the Black Bonewolf and Skinned Wolf meshes.
Thanks to Greatness7 for help with scripting.
Thanks to Reizeron for ideas.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.

Recommended Mods

Diseases Restored by Half11 (I didn't include a disease plugin, since this mod does the same and is fantastic)


Expanded Diseases by WanderRA (Less purist-friendly, but also does more than just adding unused diseases)

Full Documentation

*The Ring of Namira has been implemented and was added to the daedric ruin Assurnabitashpi. The ring makes you stronger if you have a blight disease and/or a common disease. The effects stack
*The Wings of the Queen of Bats have been added to Molag Grunda
*The Herder's Crook has been added to Fevasa Saryon
*The Staff of Llevule has been added to the last chest in the Andrano Ancestral Tomb
*The Slippers of Doom have been added to Tusenend, Shrine
*The Daedric Longspear has been implemented and was added to Zaintiraris, Shrine
*The Devourer has had its model repaired and was implemented and added to Galom Daeus, Entry. It grants 15 Spell Absorption and 10 Drain Intelligence as long as you carry it in your inventory
*The Stalhrim Spear has had its model repaired and was implemented and added to Solstheim, Eddard Barrow
*The Stalhrim Shortsword has been implemented and was added to Solstheim, Skogsdrake Barrow
*Icons for Wooden Bolts and Wooden Arrows have been created. Wooden Crossbows, Arrows and Bolts have been implemented and were added to Fighters' Guild Equipment Chests
*The Dwarven Longspear has been implemented and was added to Bamz-Amschend, Radac's Forge; Nchardumz, Lower Level; Mzahnch, Lower Level
*The Nordic Silver Spear has been implemented and was added to Solstheim, Connorflenge Barrow
*Anora's Club has been redone to make it a unique item and was added to Anora

*Dagoth Aladus has been added to Ainab, Shrine
*Dagoth Malan has been added to Sanit, Shrine
*Black Bonewolves and Skinned Wolves have been implemented and were added to several Solstheim Leveled Lists
*Redoran Sharpshooter Guards have been added to Redoran Watchtowers in Ald-Ruhn and Maar Gan
*Ather Belden, a Thieves Guild Pawnbroker, has been added to The Rat in The Pot in Ald-Ruhn
*Ulwaen, an Imperial Legion Trainer, has been added to the Moonmoth Legion Fort
*Dro'farahn, an insignificant NPC, has been added to Mournhold, Plaza Brindisi Dorom
*Dirver Relas, a General Trader, has been added to Mournhold, Great Bazaar
*Edre Retene, a Bookseller, has been added to Mournhold, Great Bazaar
*Armor, a weapon and the fortloreboozescript have been given to Valgus Statlilius and he was added to Fort Frostmoth

Adds a small village next to the Velothi Tower of Ald Redaynia.  It includes
*A shipmaster who can take you to the nearest ports
*A trader with a small selection of wares
*A small tavern
*A small shrine
*Some minor NPCs and guards

This adds the several hostile vampire NPCs to the game that were in the construction set, but never added. 
All of them are insignificant, but make vampire lairs much more crowded and deadly. The added NPCs are:
*Aleri Duro, an Aundae Vampire
*Ano Dran, an Aundae Vampire
*Chulz, a Berne Vampire
*Dinere Hlen, a Berne Vampire
*Estalenya, an Aundae Vampire
*Garalo Andalas, a Berne Vampire
*Gerrilgor, a Berne Vampire
*Morn gra-Khatub, a Berne Vampire
*Ninimilk Addinibi, a Quarra Vampire
*Nush, an Aundae Vampire
*Pustula Baenius, an Aundae Vampire
*Rangela, a Quarra Vampire
*Silasson, an Aundae Vampire
*Varnis Stieve, a Quarra Vampire
*Velis Thirothan, a Berne Vampire
*Waylas, a Quarra Vampire

There are multiple references to an underground area in Ald-Ruhn. In the final game there is no such place.
This restores the area as well as several unused Thieves' Guild NPCs referencing it. It's located under The Rat in the Pot and can be accessed via a trapdoor. It includes:
*A new area under Ald-Ruhn
*Practice chests where you can practice your Security skill
The Following NPCs:
*Dalos Golathyn, a Thieves' Guild Wet Ear who sells probes and lockpicks
*Fomesa Tharys, a Thieves' Guild Wet Ear who sells weapons
*Llandreri Selothan, a Master-at-Arms and Trainer

*Secret Master Probe has been added to Maelkashishi, Shrine
*Secret Master Lockpick has been added to Vivec, Arena Storage
*Secret Master Alembic has been added to Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa
*Secret Master Calcinator has been added to Abelle Chriditte in Valenvaryon, Propylon Chamber. You can buy it from her.
*Secret Master Mortar and Pestle has been added to Ularradallaku, Shrine
*Secret Master Retort has been added to Punabi


-Common Disease bonus from the Ring of Namira has been decreased to 10 points
-Blight Disease bonus from the Ring of Namira has been decreased to 20 points
-Spell Absorption granted by the Devourer has been decreased to 15 points
-Exterior improvements for Ald Redaynia
-Ald-Ruhn Underground has been remade almost from scratch and now utilizes its own tileset to better fit in

-More exterior improvements for Ald Redaynia