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Restores majority of the content cut by Bethesda. Initial release (updates will come later to finish remaining content).

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This is a restoration mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY. I have seen a few mods that attempt to restore much of the content cut by Bethesda, but there is just so much more left untouched. So I felt the need to make the ultimate restoration mod for Morrowind, and with this initial release, have already covered 3x more than other mods with the same idea. There are still a few things I need to add to this mod, but those will come later through updates. I just wanted to share what I had been working on off and on since July 2017 to now (Sorry Oblivion followers, I promise I will finish my Oblivion mods soon). 

There are many things to see in this mod, such as:

-1 New Village.
-6 New Interiors.
-4 New Dungeons.
-3 New Creatures.
-3 New Artifacts.
-9 New Weapons.
-7 New Quests.
-6 New Loading Screens.
-14 New Diseases.
-18 Patches
-55 New NPCs.
-137 New Items.
-New Text Dialogue.
-New Voiced Dialogue.
-New Animations.
-New Sound Effects.
-New Travel Routes.
-Free all Bonded NPCs.
-Updated Leveled Lists.
-New Diseased Creature Names.

-And some custom objects just to fill in some of the gaps (Example: Ald Redaynia Banner that I had to make to make the addition of the village believable).

If anyone is curious, I have a breakdown of everything that has been included in this mod in the following:

Edit -> Necromancer's Amulet
Edit -> Ordinator Guard

Patch -> Onnissiralis Exterior
Patch -> Odirniran Interior
Patch -> Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn Interior
Patch -> Apprentice Mortar and Pestle
Patch -> Iron Tanto
Patch -> Steel Throwing Knife
Patch -> Belt of Heartfire
Patch -> Mysteries of Talara, Part 3
Patch -> The Rear Guard
Patch -> 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 16
Patch -> Old Dwemer Book
Patch -> Invoice
Patch -> Candle
Patch -> Candle
Patch -> Templar Left Pauldron
Patch -> Templar Right Pauldron

Quest -> Blueprints
Quest -> Dagoth Velos
Quest -> Baladas Demnevanni's Taxes
Quest -> Kill Tonasi Belas
Quest -> The Mission Report
Quest -> Early Retirement
Quest -> Writ for Master Neloth

Script -> Sadrith Mora Hospitality Papers
Script -> Books that Add Spells Display Message
Script -> False Sunder
Script -> Devourer
Script -> Free All Slaves
Script -> Ash Vampire Death Weakens Dagoth Ur
Script -> Master Neloth Writ

Spell -> Warlocks ring
Spell -> Dire Viperarrow
Spell -> Five Fingers of Pain

Exterior -> Ald Redaynia

Interior -> Vor Lair, Interior
Interior -> Vor Lair, Chambers of Alta Vor

Travel -> Ald Velothi
Travel -> Ald Redaynia
Travel -> Skaal Village
Travel -> Castle Karstaag
Travel -> Tel Fyr

Animation -> Silt Strider

Dialogue -> Molag Mar Slaves Free
Dialogue -> Suran Slaves Free
Dialogue -> Sadrith Mora Salves Free
Dialogue -> Tel Aruhn Slaves Free
Dialogue -> Tel Branora Slaves Free
Dialogue -> Bal Ur region
Dialogue -> Prisoners go free

Sound -> Alternative Menu
Sound -> Poison
Sound -> Ascended Sleeper
Sound -> Outdoor Banners
Sound -> Vivec Dialogue
Sound -> Yagrum Bagarn Dialogue
Sound -> Dagoth Ur Sunder Dialogue
Sound -> Gedna Relvel's Greeting
Sound -> Silt Strider
Sound -> Slaughterfish

Added -> Cut Loading Screens
Added -> Dwarven Longspear
Added -> Daedric Longspear
Added -> Devourer
Added -> Ring of Namira
Added -> Wooden Bolt
Added -> Wooden Arrow
Added -> Wooden Crossbow
Added -> Iron Fork
Added -> Bloatspore
Added -> Doorjam Ring
Added -> Recall Ring
Added -> Anora's Club
Added -> Herder's Crook
Added -> Staff of Llevule
Added -> Slippers of Doom
Added -> Veloths Shield
Added -> SecretMaster's Alembic
Added -> SecretMaster's Calcinator
Added -> SecretMaster's Mortar and Pestle
Added -> SecretMaster's Retort
Added -> SecretMaster's Probe
Added -> SecretMaster's Lockpick
Added -> Wings of the Queen of Bats
Added -> Staff of the Silver Dawn
Added -> Gauntlets of Glory Left
Added -> Gauntlets of Glory Right
Added -> Right Gauntlet of Horny Fist
Added -> Ebony Bracer Right
Added -> Ebony Bracer Left
Added -> Throwing Knife of Sureflight
Added -> Champion Belt
Added -> Tsiya's Ring
Added -> * Sunder *
Added -> * Sunder *
Added -> Commemorative Plate
Added -> Commemorative Plate
Added -> Redware Lamp
Added -> Redware Candle
Added -> Misc_candle_blue_01
Added -> Misc_candle_green_01
Added -> Misc_candle_ivory_01
Added -> Misc_ropecoil00
Added -> Misc_scrapwood01
Added -> Misc_scrapwood02
Added -> Misc_scrapwood03
Added -> Misc_scrapwood04
Added -> Misc_scrapwood05
Added -> Misc_shackles00
Added -> Misc_wheatbundle00
Added -> Misc_wickwheat00
Added -> Misc_placemat_01
Added -> Potion Cheap
Added -> Torch
Added -> Silver Candlestick
Added -> Glass Lantern
Added -> Paper Lantern
Added -> Candle
Added -> Candle
Added -> Gold
Added -> Gold
Added -> House Dagoth Cup
Added -> Dart of Judgement
Added -> Jar of Grease
Added -> Spite Dart
Added -> Red Colovian Fur Helm
Added -> Hunter's Battleaxe
Added -> Stalhrim Spear
Added -> Stalhrim Shortsword
Added -> Riekling Shield 02
Added -> Nordic Silver Spear
Added -> Blood of an Innocent
Added -> Ancient Steel Tower Shield
Added -> Daedric Chest
Added -> Caldera Mages Guild Supply Chest
Added -> flora_black_lichen_03
Added -> flora_green_lichen_03
Added -> flora_red_lichen_03
Added -> Dren Trapped Rug
Added -> Lover Tapestry
Added -> Steed Tapestry
Added -> Shadow Tapestry
Added -> Addamasartus Slave Key
Added -> Anja's Key
Added -> Arobar Manor Guard's Key
Added -> Arobar Manor Key
Added -> Aurane Frernis' Key
Added -> Key to Andas tomb
Added -> Bandit's Key
Added -> Brallion's Key
Added -> Darvam Hlaren's Key
Added -> Key to Falas Tomb chest
Added -> Gateway Inn Slave Key
Added -> Imayn Slave Cage Key
Added -> J'zhirr's Key
Added -> Lizard's Head Slave Key
Added -> Llorayna Sethan's Key
Added -> Madach Room Key
Added -> Mebastien's Key
Added -> Ministry of Truth Entrance
Added -> Molag Mar Slave Key
Added -> Key to Mzanchend chest
Added -> Key to Nchuleftingth
Added -> An old tomb key
Added -> Omani Manor Key
Added -> Key to Omaren chest
Added -> Preserved Ancient Key
Added -> Preserved Ancient Key
Added -> Redoran Iron Key
Added -> Redoran Iron Key
Added -> Rusty Key
Added -> Rusty Key
Added -> Rusty Key
Added -> Sadrith Mora Slave Key
Added -> Saryoni's Key
Added -> Shilipuran's Key
Added -> Simple Key
Added -> Simple Key
Added -> Small Key
Added -> Small Key
Added -> Small Key
Added -> Small Key
Added -> Standard Key
Added -> Standard Key
Added -> Suran Slave Key
Added -> Tel Aruhn Slave Key
Added -> Tel Branora Slave Key
Added -> Tel Vos Jail Slave Key
Added -> Temple Key
Added -> Tomb Door Key
Added -> Tomb Door Key
Added -> Tuveso Beleth's Key
Added -> Key to Tel Naga
Added -> Key to Tel Naga
Added -> Key to Tel Naga
Added -> Key to Varo Tradehouse Storage
Added -> Worn Key
Added -> Worn Key
Added -> Worn Key
Added -> Dwemer key
Added -> Dwemer Key
Added -> Indalen's Key
Added -> (Unused meshes)
Added -> (Unused Doors)
Added -> (Unused lights)
Added -> (Unused Containers)
Added -> (Unused Dialogue)
Added -> (Unused Levellists)
Added -> (Unused Voices)

Levellist -> Daedra Skin
Levellist -> Daedra Heart
Levellist -> Ghoul Heart
Levellist -> Vampire Dust
Levellist -> Skeletal Champion Glass War-axe

Disease Rockjoint -> Domesticated Guar & Dusky Alit
Disease Rush chancre -> Waste Rat
Disease wither -> Dreugh
Disease rattles -> Nix hound
Disease Dampworm -> Nix hound
Disease Helljoint -> Girdle-tailed Cliff Racer
Disease Brown rot -> Skeletons & Bonelords
Disease Greenspore -> Small Slaughterfish
Disease Ataxia -> Slaughterfish
Disease Collywobbles -> Fiery Shalk
Disease Witbane -> Rat
Disease Yellowtick -> Least Kagouti
Disease Chills -> Ghost & Lesser Bonewalker
Disease Serpiginous Dementia -> Corprus Stalker

Rename -> Domesticated Guar
Rename -> Dusky Alit
Rename -> Waste Rat
Rename -> Girdle-tailed Cliff Racer
Rename -> Fiery Shalk
Rename -> Least Kagouti
Rename -> Ash Ghoul

Creature -> Hive Scrib
Creature -> Hive Scrib
Creature -> Vaba-Amus
Creature -> Tarvyn's Guar
Creature -> Corprus Stalker
Creature -> Ash Zombie
Creature -> Dagoth Malan
Creature -> Dagoth Mulis
Creature -> Dagoth Adalus
Creature -> Dagoth Velos
Creature -> Golbin Officer
Creature -> Hulking Fabricant
Creature -> Riekling UNIQUE
Creature -> Riekling Scout
Creature -> Black Bonewolf

NPC -> A Shady Smuggler
NPC -> Smuggler Boss
NPC -> Aleri Duro
NPC -> Ano Dran
NPC -> Ather Belden
NPC -> Atúlg gro-Largúm
NPC -> Chulz
NPC -> Cinia Urtius
NPC -> Corrudus Secunia
NPC -> Dalos Golathyn
NPC -> Dialog Placeholder
NPC -> Dinere Hlen
NPC -> Estalenya
NPC -> Fomesa Tharys
NPC -> Garalo Andalas
NPC -> Gerrilgor
NPC -> Llandreri Selothan
NPC -> Morn gra-Khatub
NPC -> Ninimilk Addinibi
NPC -> Peregrina Cnisia
NPC -> Pustula Baenius
NPC -> Rangela
NPC -> Selman Relas
NPC -> Silasson
NPC -> Ulwaen
NPC -> Varnis Stieve
NPC -> Velis Thirothan
NPC -> Waylas
NPC -> Yatúr gro-Shak
NPC -> Ordinator Guard
NPC -> Redoran Guard Sharpshooter
NPC -> Elite Guard
NPC -> Myn Farr
NPC -> Dirver Relas
NPC -> Dro'farahn
NPC -> Edre Retene
NPC -> Hulgarth
NPC -> Grandfather Frost
NPC -> Ice Witch
NPC -> Wind Witch
NPC -> Cingor
NPC -> Hallvaror
NPC -> Wind-In-His-Hair
NPC -> Kili the Long
NPC -> Valgus Statlilius
NPC -> Skaal Honor Guard

New -> 36 Leasons of Vivec - Sermon Zero
New -> Locked Doors
New -> Locked Containers
New -> Ordinator Guard Bal Ur 2
New -> Script Bal Ur fight
New -> Nix Hound Diseased
New -> Ald Redaynia Banner
New -> Ald Redaynia Dialogue
New -> Ald Redaynia NPC's
New -> Devourer Spell
New -> Ordinator's Mission Report
New -> Writ Neloth
New -> Dragon's Blood
New -> Throwing Sureflight Enchantment
New -> Ring of Namira Enchantment
New -> Scroll of God's Fire Enchantent
New -> Scroll of God's Fire
New -> Alta Vor

New -> Ald Redaynia Village
New -> Caldera, Aeta Wave-Breaker's House
New -> Ald-ruhn, Underground
New -> Kuriki, Alit Warrens
New -> Turkhemu, Kagouti Colony


Copy contents to Morrowind Data Files Folder (overwrite if asked).

The Cinia Urtius folder contains the same mod except the NPC 'Cinia Urtius' is removed, making it compatible with unofficial patch mods.


Remove everything from this mod after deactivating Morrowind_Uncut.esp from the Morrowind Launcher

Future updates will include adding the remaining:

-Missing models/Items.
-Sound effects.
-Voiced Dialogue.

Recommended Mods:

Patch for Purists
HD Vanilla Textures


I just wanted to thank the following modders, as I had use/draw reference from them to help with this mod.

R-Zero / Reizeron