Daedric Lord Armor Morrowind Edition by McMuffin converted by Bahamut
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Added: 06/02/2016 - 03:05PM
Updated: 22/08/2016 - 07:47PM

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Last updated at 19:47, 22 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 15:05, 6 Feb 2016

Daedric Armor Replacer for Morrowind v1.02
(aka Daedric Lord Armor)

About this mod:
This is a port of McMuffin's Daedric Lord Armor for Oblivion, which was basicaly redone Morrowind Daedric armor set,

What is included:
-Daedric armor set ( Male+Female ),
-Bound armor pieces ( Male+Female ),
-Daedric nodachi which i thrown somewhere into game,

What is not included:
Daedric face of God helmet and shields

BlankReflection - for those who dislike the reflections
BlankGlowMaps - and for those who dont like the glow
LeggingsForBeasts - drop/pickup to swap between beast and human version of boots

Better Bodies esque mod is not required but encouraged to use

To display models properly you have to install folowing fixes from Morrowind Code Patch:
-Bump/reflect map local lightning
-Enable reflection effects
-Gloss map fix on skinned models

If you don't have MCP, the links are on the bottom of this readme.

This mod alters original daedric armor, so all mods doing the same are incompatibile,

Some clipping and weird mesh deforms, standard stuff.
Unfortunately this mod has some drawback comparing to vanila version, visual glitches can occour if your character is not wearing a full set, mixing with other type
or wearing clothing beneath armor (ankles and wrists to be precise).

-McMuffin, its his stuff here,
-MacKom, for ears model i used for dremora,
-Hrnchamd, for MCP with all of its cool features,
-Miltiades, Dremora head and hair comes form his playable Dremora mod,
-ARHIZ for some feedback,
-Amenophis for some ideas,

MCP links:

Change log
1.0 Initial release
1.01 Bugfix, Fixed Dremora death animation body part visibility
1.02 Some changes to greaves mesh and added missing female version to daedric armor given by Mistress Therana