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Wyrmhaven is a tiny island far to the west of Solstheim, claimed at various times by a clan of Chimer fleeing the wars with the Dwarves, a fire-breathing dragon, a band of Nordic exiles, the Breton Kingdom of Farrun, and the Septim Empire. The closing years of the Third Era see a rich trading port run by a corrupt Imperial Governor, who uses the North Empire Company as a front for smuggling contraband throughout the northern provinces. With the Wyrmhaven Imperial Legion firmly in the Governor's pocket, pirates and smugglers operate with impunity, and only the embattled Order of Kynareth preserve any semblance of law and order. Will you take the oath and earn your place among the Knights of Kynareth, joining their battle against injustice and corruption?

To travel to Wyrmhaven, talk to Gilfanon on the ship south of Hla Oad.

Version 2.0 is NOT saved game compatible with earlier versions, and will require a clean save. You will also need to regenerate your distant land and statics if you are updating, due to changes to the landscape.


A new landmass covering roughly 5 x 5 cells.
A large Imperial-style port town with 60+ interiors, including a purchaseable home.
A new faction, the Order of Kynareth, with 26 quests.
250+ NPCs.
20+ new creatures.
A ton of new meshes, furniture, tilesets, misc items, animations, etc.
Also includes a separate esp file to generate grass with the Morrowind Graphics Extender (requires Vurt's grass meshes).

Does NOT conflict with any other landmass mods, ie Tamriel Rebuilt, SHotN, etc


- Made several cosmetic changes to the landscape, including changing all rocks to use the Bloodmoon rock texture instead of the West Gash, and adding a bit more detail to the coastline.
- The Nord ruins at Caedmund's Cove now have unique meshes.
- Improved the UV mapping on several architecture meshes.
- Added some pathgrids to the animal pens in the farmyard so the animals don't escape.
- Flipped the Silver Knife mesh so the blade is facing the right way.
- Modified the interior of the Salty Goblin so the lower level is directly beneath the building, as it should be, instead of outside the town wall.
- Added sound activators to all ships in the port.
- Improved the pathgrids in the docks area so companion NPCs won't fall in the water when you try to board the ship to leave the island.
- Crypt Ghouls no longer spawn in the sewers.
- Swapped the Troll mesh for one by R-Zero, which looks a bit more like a troll is supposed to in the Elder Scrolls universe.
- Removed the Minotaurs. There are too many issues with the animations, which I'm not clever enough to fix. Plus the island is a bit small to support a population anyway.
- The random NPC conversations will now pause when a menu is opened.
- Your squire's dialogue window will now pop up whenever they have something to say (or complain about).
- Fixed a bug where the squires would sometimes get stuck after combat when you ordered them to hold their ground. Asking them to wait or follow will now reset them.
- Squires will now wear quivers when using a bow after they are promoted to Knight.
- Miners in the Diamond Mine will now refer to 'these caves' instead of 'those caves' in the Wyrmhaven lore entry about the mine.
- Added a warping script to certain follower NPCs so they don't get lost/stuck.
- Retextured several interiors. Fireplaces will now match the walls.
- Changed the enchantments on Eadhere's Cleaver and the Claymore of the Appii so they are actually useful. The claymore also has a new mesh.
- Optimised a bunch of meshes. Probably won't improve fps.
- Fixed a few more grammatical errors in the dialogue.