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About this mod

This mod brings Gobul from the 3rd Generation and into the 5th! Now Gobul has been reborn with a brand new model! Replaces Great Jagras. Now updated for Iceborne!

Permissions and credits

I reuploaded this because I assumed that the Col files used for the new attacks were broken and I wanted people to at least to still have access to the model replacement part of this mod. I’ll have to do some more testing first. If they happen to still work, I’ll take this down and just update the original mod instead. I’ll still need to update the icons and text, regardless. I’ll hopefully get those two parts done soon.

Credits (for programs used):

Thanks to Vuze for his WorldChunkTool, JodoZT for his Better MHW Texture Converter,  FineNerd for his MHWTexConvert for converting from DDS to BC7 (correct format for MHW), CrazyT for his  BlenderMhwModelImporter and Asterisk for his Mod3 Monster Hunter World Importer.

Credits (In general):
VemosStriker: for helping me with weighting (BIG TIME) and UV issues with the old version of this mod. Frickin' legend. 
Fandrius: For helping me with making new moves for Gobul. An utter champ!
Ezekial: For helping me with ripping Gobul's sound effects from MH3U (Wii U) as well as other things.
Alexroc: For helping me with getting Gobul ingame and for help with rigging for the original vesion of this mod. Also a frickin' legend. 
KeyShotT: For the improved icons and for editing the text entries for Gobul/Great Jagras
Asterisk, Dallagen, Vuze, Aradi147 and the MHW Modding Discord in general: For helping me with crap in general
UberGrainy: For helping me with stuff
CrazyT: For helping me fix an error with the exporter
Gandalf the Gamer, Dracolyte, and mikewii: For being supportive and helping me with other things
And of course my game development teacher, Ian Snyder, for teaching me how to model and texture, and for helping me every step of the way.

Current Features:

1. Features a brand new, high-quality, highly-detailed model made from scratch by me that is more faithful to Gobul’s original model from Tri and 3U. 

Features to be Re-added:

2. Custom Monster Icons
3. Custom text for Quests, Hunter’s Log and Guild Card
4. a couple new attacks including his classic flash and paralyzing tail-swipe attacks

Planned Features and Improvements:

1. Add Jiggle physics for the Lantern/Lantern Stalk
2. Add Gobul’s sound effects (already have them ripped from MH3U Wii U)
3. Add his theme from MH3/3U
4. Try to add more new attacks
5. Try to add some Gobul armor as layered armor
6. Try to touch up his weighting a little more

Download my model on Sketchfab
My ArtStation