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Scripts to import models in blender 2.79.
You can also edit monster hunter world models with this tool.
Texture-editing is NOT supported.

Permissions and credits
This tool is outdated
For newest version visit: (complete rework made by AsteriskAmpersand)

Basic informations:

Import and view *.mod3 files inside blender (version 2.79, maybe will add support for 2.80 later).
Also imports *.tex files (but not mapped to mesh ... yet)
Allows you to slightly modify an existing model:
  *model must be imported first (with "Reference/Embed original data.")

It is also important to setup the right paths (properties on the left panel on the open-dialog of import-window)
Maybe not all *.mod3 files are supported, but most files should work.

You can get those *.mod3 files by using the WorldChunkTool by MHVuze.

The option "Import textures." just adds the texture-files of the *.mod3 file to the image-window.
Its the best to use the original chunk-folder because it also looks for a *.mrl3 file.


Ezekial made a small tutorial that could help some people:

Quick install instructions:
This currently does not work on version 0.8, use start.bat instead!

 Extract the files and folders of the archive into a new folder and copy that folder to:
  c:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\
  (replace YOUR_USERNAME with your login name and 2.79 with your blender version)
  (Hint: type %APPDATA% in your explorer-window to get to your "Roaming"-directory)
 Make shure that "Import-Export: MHW Model Importer" in the user-preferences window under the section "add-ons" is checked.

Current limitations:

* Don't rename the objects, their name get used internally (you probably could use groups instead to give them names)
* Exported objects need to be imported first
* Objectfiles normaly contain multiple LOD-Meshes(LOD=level of detail), the default option is to only import the best level-of-detail object
   This can result in the exported object not showing changes ingame.
  (some informations about forcing LOD can be found here: - thx to UberGrainy)
* You can't change textures with that tool
* Previewing textures on objects is not possible
* Some files (like SKY_Model_01.mod3 can't be opened)
* animations, armatures etc. or any other fancy things are not fully implemented (yet)

Questions and answers:

Why do i see black textures?
This is a known bug currently .. if you verticecount is bigger than that of the original mesh.
Currently i know what bytes i need to change to fix this, but have no idea what those bytes are about :(
If you know have deep knowledge in hex-editing you could use my templates(see 010 Editor scripts) and this script to fix this manually:
But this would only be a workaround ..
If anybody finds out what those numbers are about , please let me know.

Why  do i get "Verticecount of * for face not implemented"?
Currently only faces with 3 or 4 connected vertices are supported, so you need to triangulate faces:

UV-Maps do not get imported,why?
It's currently a bug ... uv-maps do not get imported if you import without textures.(default setting)
This is especially a problem if you add/delete vertices.

Can i import and export multiple *.mod3
For viewing you can import as many files as you want.
For exporting you can only import exactly 1 file.
Else you only export the last imported file or mess things completely up if the mesh names are the same.
If you import .obj files they won't be exported unless they have the same name as an existing mesh that was imported from a *.mod3 file.
That way you should be able to replace an existing mesh by removing the original and just give the obj-mesh the same name.
Or you could copy the vertices of that obj-mesh into an existing mod3-mesh.

I'm getting the error "Exception: Install path d:\tmp\test not found!"
There are 2 textboxes on the left side import window.
These paths there must be adjusted before the first use!

Is itsafe to overwrite the original files?
, allways keep your orignal files unless you want to restore them with the world chunk tool incase of problems.

I see white texture,why?
Check if there is a *.mrl3 file in the same folder as your *.mod3 folder.
Check if you chunk-path is correct (left side of import window).

I see the wrong texture,why?
Known bug or missing feature, you can get around that by editing the object(TAB-Key),select all vertices(A-Key) and switch to the right texture in the UV-Window.
The UV-map itself can also be edited (just moving vertices, no new vertices ...).

I changed the model but do not see any changes ingame, why?
See above info about "Objectfiles normaly contain multiple LOD-Meshes"

I opened a map-file but for some reason i see no objects, how can I fix this?
The reason for this could be that the objects are too big, you could try the following:
Select the mesh in the outline-window and press the ","-key on your keyboard in the 3d-port.
Then follow the instructions on thise site:
And increase the "end" of the "Clip:"-section till you see the object.

I can't see the addon, where is it?
The menu-items for the addon should appear in the import/export menu of blender (under "File").

Is the source code public?
Yes, completely, you can find everything you need under:

I'm missing feature XY, can you implement it?
Maybe, if you ask kindly ;)

What means "experimental"?
Its a new feature, only tested by me ... might contain bugs.

I exported my model with forced LOD, now i don't see it on import anymore,why?
On forced LOD export it changes the LOD-level itself.
Just try to import the LOD-Level 65535 instead (option inside left panel on import can be SHIFT-clicked to enter a number).

Additional resources

010 Editor scripts and files made by me that helped reverse engineering:


Original tool was written for 3Dsmax by Lukas Cones:
I ported it to blender and added other things like texture-import and the export.

Tool contains stuff that is not part of my work:
      * Scarlet: - although the tool needed some modifications, my fork is:

Still need Help?
Ask me on discord, my profile there is CrazyT