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A better MHW Texture converter than ever before.

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MHWTextureConverter By Jodo:
It's a two way converter of .tex and .dds files in MHW resources which is better than the wide-spread-tool on nexusmods before.

Works on Iceborne.

v1.2.3 fixed the error while converting BC6H formatted texture.
v1.2.2 support multi-files converting.
v1.2.1 fixed the error while converting BC4U formatted texture.

The tool is developed based on .net framework 4.0.
Drag and drop the .tex or .dds file onto the icon of the .exe file. Then it will auto generate the output file to same directory as the input file.
If the suffix is .tex, the output file will add a prefix of it's type of compression.
You have to install a photoshop plugin like Intel Texture workshop or Nvidia texture tool to open and save the .dds file edited.
Links to the plugins:

To save .dds file after edited:
If the prefix of the output .dds is:
DXT1: better use Nvidia tool and compression type:  DXT1 ARGB 4bpp | 1bit alpha, other configs stay default
BC4:  use Intel tool and save configuration: Color,  BC4 4bpp(Linear, Grayscale), other configs stay default
BC5: use Intel tool and save configuration: Normal Map,  BC5 8bpp(Linear, 2 Channel tangent map), other configs stay default
BC6H: you may never edit this type of texture, ignore it.
BC7: use Intel tool and save configuration: Color + Alpha, BC7 8bpp Fine(sRGB, DX11+),other configs stay default
Notice that if the texture you are editing does not contain mipmap(like icons of monsters), you should not generate the mip maps. Instead, select None but not Auto Generate as Mip Maps generation option in Intel tool.
Specially, as for RMT textures, check the original DXT1 typed RMT tex file by using an hex editor and find the first 0x16 or 0x17. If it is 0x16, edit the new .tex file converted by my tool at the same offset from 0x17 to 0x16, or you will get wrong looking of your item model. No way to avoid this situation so far.

View the images of this tool to help understand.