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Tool to decompress Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne chunkN.bin files and extract the resulting PKG file.

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Tool to decompress and extract Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne chunk*.bin files.

Note: This is of no use to you if you are not interested in exploring and analyzing the game files. If you have to ask me how to use this tool despite the following instructions, it's not for you.

WorldChunkTool v1.2 by MHVuze
Usage: WorldChunkTool <chunk*_file|PKG_file|chunk*_dir> (options)

-UnpackAll: Unpack all chunk*.bin files in the provided directory into a single folder.
-AutoConfirm: No confirmations required. (-UnpackAll uses own confirmation settings.)
-BuildPKG: Build PKG file from chunks and create data sheet. No extraction. For research purposes only.
-BaseGame: Switch to legacy mode for MH:W base game chunks (pre-IB update).

oo2core_8_win64.dll required. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DOES NOT ship with this file. oo2core_5_win64.dll from the base game is outdated and won't work! You can find the new DLL in recent games like Warframe (F2P) and STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. Simply search for it in the game installation directory and copy it to the same folder as the WorldChunkTool executable.

WARNING: Please be careful and don't download oo2core_8_win64.dll randomly from the web.

- For help with the tool itself: Jodo, Asterisk, Stracker
- For providing the final Iceborne chunk key order: legendff
- For working on a keygen regarding Iceborne chunk encryption: MoonBunnie, Asterisk
- For help with bruteforcing the Iceborne chunk key order early on: XunLi, Asterisk, Dallagen, MoonBunnie, Kiranico, DMQW, Aradi147, Ice, Jodo, Miralis

Example command:
Unpack all chunks into one folder automatically: WorldChunkTool "path-to-chunk-folder" -UnpackAll

Source code is available on GitHub, PRs to optimize performance etc are very much welcome:


Donations are appreciated: