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Cuter Handler face and hair models. Optional textures. For post-Iceborne. Now supports all costumes.

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Cuter Handler face and hair models. Optional textures. For post-Iceborne. Now supports all costumes.

I decided to upload this as a separate file, primarily for visibility, and less confusion. It's also a little different, because it doesn't have the eye color change, and I've changed the file setup a little.

Thanks to Elisweetcakes and Huntersunited for the workaround. I hadn't tried to fix it because I thought all mods were broken, and I was busy playing the game.


- Thanks to Cataryst paying for it, added support for Kokoto Gal's costume and possibly other outfits.
- Fixed hair physics for the Winter Coat outfit.
- Accidentally used the wrong face model for the new outfits. Fixed now. Sorry about that.
- Updated the textures. Not sure if they are necessary. The game may be loading the texture from the parent folder.
- Fixed neck clipping for Kokoto outfit.
- Uploaded Halloween medium makeup. I somehow forgot about it.
- Included the mrl3 files again.
- Added support for Techno Handler costume. Graceful Short Dress (china dresss) currently not supported.
- Doubled texture size. Less makeup only has double normal map size. If you have loading issues, try using the old texture files.
- Fixed the hair transparency. I was using the original mrl3 files, all I did was copy the mrl3 files over again (both had same date/time) and it fixed. Strange.
- Fixed neck on China outfit.
- Added support for Rose Vestido. I didn't make a less makeup texture because the default texture has makeup anyway.
- Added support for the Samba costume.
- Added support for the Chun-Li and Demoness costumes. Updated the main archives, too.
- Added optional hair bangs length for Demoness hair.
- Added optional jaw shape for Demoness face.

- WARNING: You MUST remove the old version's files and folders, because some of the old version mod files cause problems in Iceborne.
- The old version doesn't work properly because Capcom changed how MRL3 and some other files work, and encrypted the archives so we can't compare.
- Supports base outfit and Iceborne outfit. Some alternate costumes are supported, but none have been tested.
- See the old version for more info.
- Rose Vestido has a proper normal map added. Capcom's is just a tiny pixel, like they couldn't be bothered making a proper one.

Unzip the archive (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in these folders:

I would like to emphasize that none of this would've been possible without the hard work of the people listed here.

- Cataryst for giving me money to buy the Kokoto outfit.
- Thanks to all modding contributors
- legenff and Moonbunnie for figuring out the keys to decrypt the archives
- Elisweetcakes and Huntersunited for the Iceborne workaround
- AsteriskAmpersand for various things
- Vuze for the unpacking tools
- daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset values are usually around 100 to 118)
- FineNerd's MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7
- MT Framework tools by Predator for importing as reference,
- CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter
- JodoZT's Better MHW Texture Converter.

Special thanks to the people reporting problems, and helping others out in the forum.
Extra special thanks to those who donated!!






アーカイブをSteam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\に解凍。



・legendff様, Moonbunnie様のアーカイブ解凍の鍵
・Predator様のMT Frameworkインポートツール