MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Modernized and Remastered Audio Overhaul from previous BattleTech games: (MW2,MW3,MW4,MWO,BattleTech,MechCommander etc).

Permissions and credits
Aims to recapture what we all felt all them years ago, playing through the BattleTech universe. An emphasis has been placed on preserving "Iconic" audio from the original games, whilst attempting to bring them up to the modern standard and bring us all nostalgia.

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Release Version 4.

This mod is also available on Steam.

Hey everyone. Thanks for being patient, I've been hard at work attempting to improve all aspects of the sound mod so far, please keep the criticism and feedback coming, it really does help me identify problem areas or at the very least, areas that could be improved upon. Thanks all.

It is recommended to disable "Loudness Equalization" audio enhancements in windows sound devices.
Additionally it is recommended to disable any additional enhancements you may have in your sound software (if you have any) like EQ's and such
as they may make this mod sound different than intended and may alter your perceptions.

Yet Another Weapon
 / Yet Another Weapon Clan - MOSTLY COMPATIBLE, though there potentially will be issues due to the way they handle audio hooks, most likely culprits will be RACs or other high rate of fire weapons.

VonBiomes - COMPATIBLE, VonSeiten uses his own ambient beds for his custom maps so these two should work side by side - just note anything you hear ambient-wise on his maps will most likely be from his mod.

MW2 Betty Voice Ultimate COMPATIBLE, infact I absolutely love this mod (perfect for the nostalgia vibe of this mod).

Projectile-Based MachineGunsNOT COMPATIBLE unfortunately, the reason for this is this mod changes the "Trigger Type" of the weapon from playing a Loop while active (Vanilla) to an instance-based "Trigger Type" - resulting in the sounds playing once when you hold the trigger.

Other Audio Mods - While I have not tested this myself I would imagine it all depends on load order, if two audio mods modify the same SoundBanks, then one will overwrite the other. However, if you manage to get two audio mods that alter different soundbanks they may potentially work but due to changes to the Audio Buses (if any are made) could lead to unexpected results or not work at all. So I do not recommend it.

Here are have ambient audio playing in the background of the soundstage. These sounds have no attenuation and are broadcast to all players, they will also duck behind combat audio as not to interfere with the audio immersion of intense combat situations. This mod
currently includes changes to: WeatherWarzone.

Typically this soundbank includes soundscapes for things like the Hangar, Leopard interior etc. These changes will typically not impact missions
very much and will enhance Player immersion whilst out and about on the Leopard. This soundbank also includes certain sounds for
DLC Missions.

There is a lot of potential for increased immersion from this SoundBank, it contains all of the sounds you would usually associate with Mechs.
changes include: Engines, Footsteps, Component Destruction, JumpJets and Powerup/Powerdown etc. This mod comprehensively replaces
pretty much the entirety of this SoundBank.

This SoundBank contains three main categories of sounds, which are: Destructables, Weapon Impacts and Explosions. There has been
a LOT of improvements made here, as well as a lot of variations and automation to attempt to keep it fresh. This SoundBank has huge impact
on the Player experience.

This SoundBank includes all the sounds you would expect, Tanks, VTOLs, Artillery Fire, Orbital Guns aswell as Leopards when they are
present in Missions - Landing, Takeoff, General Flight etc. While I have made extensive changes to this SoundBank I plan to make a large
overhaul and increase the complexity of this SoundBank in the future.

This SoundBank is the real "meat and potatoes" for most people, ALL weapon sounds have been replaced with a mixture of samples from
other MechWarrior/BattleTech games whilst mixing in fresh samples and using blending techniques to bring them up to the modern standard.
The design philosophy here is to preserve what was iconic from old games and to give them a new "lick of paint" so we can enjoy the same
things we liked back in the day.

If you want to learn how to mod yourself, you can start with the online resources here.
Thank you Audiokinetic for such a fantastic piece of software.

Special Thanks to our MechWarriors (Patrons) for supporting me:

 - Amy Louise