MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Selectable Missile heads

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Current Version 1.10 
Updated to run with latest client version (9th June 2021)

!Make sure to remove old version mod folders!

Do you like missile heads? But you don't like the vanilla yellow head? You don't really know which one you like, but you want the freedom to choose?
You are in the right place!

This mod includes up to 64 different versions for missile heads.
You can choose the type of warhead in the Mechlab using the buttons right under the details toggle.
The setting will be directly saved as a global setting independent from your savegame.

NOTE: You need to enter the Mechlab once per game to load the setting.

Have a look at the screenshots.

Initially I thought of adjusting some of the Mech models to fix the mapping of the texture, but it's not worth the effort.
If you have requests, let me know.

  • 64 missile heads to choose from.

  • Maybe add an alternative version with different colors, some feedback appreciated.

Copy unpacked folder to your game's mod folder and activate it in the in-game menu.

Known Issues
  • The missile head models are slightly different from Mech to Mech. For some Mechs e.g. Catapult, the mapping is completely messy, therefore patterns are not displayed correctly. I'm pretty sure that I cannot fix that.

  • This mod only modifies the toggle switch portion of the details switch, therefor I hope it's compatible with most mods, no promises.
  • M.A.I.M

  • Works with my other mods at least.
  • Navida1's Reload

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