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This mod aims to first and foremost bring back the much needed detailed mech customization to MW5, along with new gameplay features.

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Note: This mod is not compatible with the new version of MW5 that is released on Steam or any other platform, and there is no immediate plan for an update. Thanks to all players who downloaded and played this mod and I apologize for any shortcoming that this mod had. Things might change in the distant future, but for now...  <o

Please also check out Yet Another Mechlab currently being developed by cszolee79, which uses shared assets with this mod to bring the full Mechlab experience back to MW5 in a similar theme as Reloaded.

MW5:Mercs Reloaded

This mod aims to first and foremost bring back the much needed detailed mech customization to MW5. the basis of customization model has been on Mechwarrior online, which a number of additional features on top. As another module to this mod, a complete rework has been done to significantly expand the defensive turret roster and their strength in the game and to bring them up to par with their role. Also, mission generators have been modified to have more emphasis on fewer tougher units rather than vehicle spam. This package also includes several other QoL mods that I've done in the past.

  • Fully unlocked mechlab:
     - You will be able to customize/upgrade pretty much every aspect of your mech. From engine upgrades, to structure, to 5 types of armor, Gyros, engine cooling, sensors, arm and leg enhancement slots, etc.
     - The entire mech roster has gone through surgery for a significant increase to their available hardpoints (mainly consistent with Mechwarrior online)
     - Weapons now occupy actual slots on the mech and have correct sizes according to construction rules, rather than using the small/med/large system
     - ammo is now color coded to the corresponding weapon for better visibility
     - Customization options become available as you progress through timeline
     - expect deep structural upgrades to be expensive.
     - engines and upgrades can either be purchased in industrial hubs or black markets, or can be salvaged from destroyed mechs after missions.

  • Environmental heat effects:
 Your mech cooling efficiency will now be affected by type of map and time of day.

  • Thermal vision
 A completely new thermal vision is included in this mod. Activate thermal vision using the "H" Key (future updates will add an option to rebind it)
Mechs have fully active heat profile, meaning you can have a guess as to which mech is near overheating threshold

  • Targeting Computer
 An MW3 style targeting computer has been added as an equip-able piece of gear that calculates projectile trajectory and provides the pilot with an accurate estimate as to where to shoot to hit a selected target.
You can link the targeting computer to any desired projectile weapon by selecting it in the weapon group panel using the arrow keys.

  • Available upgrades:
 - Sensors (Tier 1 to 5): increase radar range by 10% to 50%. All mechs by default now have 360 degree LOS radar with 800m default range
 - Targeting computer: covered above
 - Reinforced cockpit upgrade (Tier 1 to 5): Damage to the cockpit is reduced by 10% to 50%
 - Armor upgrades (separate kits for each weight class):
    - Ferro Fibrous (12% more armor per ton for extra weight saving, requires 14 slots), 
    - Light Ferro Fibrous (6% more armor per ton for extra weight saving, requires 7 slots),
    - Reactive (Ballistic/Missile damage reduced by 50%, Energy damage as normal, requires 14 slots, only affects armor ), 
    - Reflective (Energy damage reduced by 50%, ballistic/missile as normal, requires 10 slots, only affects armor),
    - Hardened (all incoming damage reduced by 50, only affects armor, each point of armor is two times heavier than standard)
 - Structure upgrades (separate kits for each weight class): Endo steel structure upgrade (Separate kits for each weight class, only weighs 5% of the chassis max tonnage, 50% less than standard structure)
 - Arm upgrade slots:
    - Arm heat vents: weapons equipped in the same arm generate 15% less heat per installed upgraded (can be stacked for bigger bonus, if mech has more slots on that arm)
    - Reinforced arms: Damage to an arm with this upgrade is reduced by 10%, can be stacked.
    - Improved arm actuators: Increases the amount a mech can twist its arms by 10%, can be stacked
 - Leg upgrade slots:
    - Shock absorbers: fall damage is reduced by 10%, can be stacked
    - Reinforced legs: Damage to a leg with this upgrade is reduced by 10%, can be stacked.
    - improved leg actuators: increases the turn speed of a mech by 10%, can be stacked
  - Gyro upgrade (Tier 1 to 5): Increases a mech acceleration, deceleration, torso twist speed, and torso twist limits according to Tier. It also reduces weapon recoil (higher Tiers result in higher reduction, depending on the weapon).
  - Engine cooling upgrade (Tier 1 to 5): Increases cooling efficiency of internal engine heatsinks by 20% to 100%. Heatsinks equipped to engine heatsink slots are not affected
  - Engines: Standard, LFE, and XL engines are provided from 100 to 400 + STD60 for urbie. Losing a side torso with LFE and XL engines results in speed and agility penalties (more severe with XLs), Losing both side torsos is death.

  • Expanded MW5 turret roster
         - Turrets have received a considerable health buff and following turrets are added to the game
     -- 2xAC10 -- AC20BF+ML -- PPC -- 2xPPC -- 4xLL -- 4xAC5BF -- 4xAC2 -- 2xAC5BF -- 2xAC2 -- 2xLL -- AC2 -- LL+2xML -- 4xML -- 2xML -- ML -- SRM4 -- 2xSRM6 -- 2xSRM6+4xML -- 2xLRM20+2xLL -- 2xLRM10+2xML
      - Higher level turrets will spawn on higher level missions

  • Reworked enemy force composition to be more focused on fewer and stronger units, rather than vehicle spam.

  • Adjusted mission salvage shares
           - All auto non-campaign missions now provide 50% more salvage shares

  • Adjusted mech salvage chances
           - cored: 33% (was 25% in vanilla)
           - Legged 66% (was 10% in vanilla)
           - Headshot 95% (unchanged)

  • Limping when legged:
          - This mod includes my previous re-scale mod plus limping after a mech is legged.

  • Extra QoL packages:
         - Re-worked walking animation for Nightstar
         - Mech leg Inverse Kinematics (legs adjusting to slopes)
         - Mech and vehicle Re-scales to better match their tonnage (very close to lore values)
         - Improved laser visuals (brighter and fuller beams)
         - fixed weapon trails for Gauss and PPCs being stuck to the barrel after firing
         - added missile smoke instead of cheap ribbons
This mod includes my re-scale mod, laser visual mod, and trail fixes mod with a couple updates.
You will need to uninstall the stand-alone versions 

It is highly recommended that you start a new campaign if you install this mod. Otherwise you'll have a hard time finding stuff in the market or you'll be stuck with mechs with no engine.
If you don't want to start a new campaign... go around the starmap and find an industrial hub that has engines
If you have enough cbills, you should be able to buy the ones you need
If your mechs don't have the slots, drag them to cold storage and back and they will have the slots

This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with any mod that changes mechs in any way.

This mod should by compatible with mods that add extra weapons. Correct sizing of the weapons will depend on the mod maker and the slot type they have created and/or used for their weapon

This mod is compatible with both of my HUD mods. The 3D Hud mod also shows which weapon is linked to the targeting computer as well, while in the enhanced hud mod the linked weapon will be the weapon selected in the weapons panel.

Copy the extracted folder (i.e., "Extended_Mechlab" to your "...Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods" folder and activate it in game.

Recommended Mods:
3D or Enhanced HUD by me.
- Yet Another Weapon by cszolee79
- Yet Another Mech by cszolee79