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Fully unlocked, MWO-style Mechlab (like Reloaded was), with all missing Mech variants and weapon and AMS hardpoints.

Permissions and credits
Yet Another … Mechlab this time.

Replaces the MW5 Mechlab with an MWO-like, fully unlocked Mechlab, a re-imagination of Reloaded.
Adds all MWO Mech variants, with all the hardpoints MWO has - and some more. All Mechs have at least one AMS.

Warning: if loaded into an existing campaign save, all mechs will be missing their Engine, Endo and Armor equipments, effectively making them useless. You'll have to fly around for markets to update, then buy and equip at least the engines. Or, start a new game and you'll have no problems.

Please keep in mind, this is beta. If something is not working, it migh be a bug or mod conflict, so try without other mods first. The mods I tried with, and are compatible (or incompatible) are found below.

Salvage chances:
Vanilla salvage: 60% for equipment, 95% for headshot, 40% for legged, 40% for cored, 0% for any other reason.
YAML salvage: 60% for equipment, 95% for headshot, 75% for legged, 60% for cored, 75% for any other reason. Can be changed in the yaml.cfg file.

Extended salvage:
Somewhat similar to HBS Battletech. Every destroyed mech, if they do not roll as salvageable, will drop salvage items instead (chassis specific). A brand new, empty, random mech can be assembled from these salvaged parts - need 1 salvage per every 5 tons. A random Flea can be assembled from 4 Flea Salvage items, a random Nightstar from 19 Nightstar Salvage items. The random roll will make a non-hero, intro-date compatible, Instant Action-visible variant from any UnitCard that is loaded into the game (including all mech variant mods).

Legged Mechs will be reduced to half their maximum speed or 48.6kph, whichever is lower.

Equip rules:
Engine / Structure / Armor swapping, Engine DHS, and so on. Dynamic filler slots for Endo, Armor, Engine and MASC.
Every item, be it weapon or equipment, uses Critical slots now. No more cheating with slots.
Other than JumpJets (which still require the specific Mech variant), all equipment can be installed on any Mech, with correct equipping rules.
MASC and SuperCharger don't stack with vanilla logic, that's fixed, both can be used now. 120kph Boar's Head is a go.
SuperCharger is always 1 slot, and can be installed to any Torso component that has an Engine part in it.
MASC is 1 fixed slot (can be installed anywhere) and as many dynamic slots as tonnage requires. (as it turns out, this is non-canon, but hey, it works, won't change now).
Only one Active Probe or ECM can be installed (anywhere, on any Mech).

Losing an XL or XXL side torso is instadeath / ejection for AI.
XXL engine generates 0.5 heat / sec (effectively lowering heat dissipation by that much).
Losing an LFE side torso will reduce max speed to 2/3 and decrease heat capacity and heat dissipation by (engine heat cap and dissipation)/2. At high heat, if you lose a torso, you'll overheat immediately, and shut down (or get damage if you use override).

Adds Headlights - they are headlights. They make light. Does not work on Medium Shadows settings for some weird scalability preset reasons.
Adds UAV Drone - Reveals all combat-capable targets in a set radius (no LoS needed), by applying a NARC probe on every one of them. Requires consumable equipment. Lifetime: 4 minutes (or until shot down), cooldown: 25s
Adds Cool Shot - immediately removes 22.5 heat. Cooldown: 25s
Adds Bullet-Time / Time Dilation - slows down timescale to 20%, except player mech. Beam/trace weapons will have 20% damage due to how UE4 calculates their damage over duration.
Keyboard bindings for the above can be set in Options / Controls / Mods at the bottom.

Engines: Standard, XL (3035), LFE (Light) (3062), XXL (3070), Engine Double Heatsinks (3040)
Structure: Endo (3035), Reinforced (3057)
Armor: Ferro (3035), Light Ferro (3062), Hardened (3047)
Targeting Computer (3040): +25% projectile velocity, -25% projectile spread (burst and lbx weapons), laser duration and missile lock time.
UAV (3015)
Gyros (3015): adds bonus to torso movement speeds bounds.
Coolant Pod (3049)
Sensors (3015) - increase sensor range, and set FoV to 360 degrees. LoS still applies (need Active Probe to bypass LoS).
Triple Strength Myomer (3050) - linearly increase top speed when over 50% heat level. Stacks with SuperCharger.

Adds no friendly fire via config file (Mods\YAML_noFF.ini). 1 is FF off (default), 0 is FF on.
When NoFF is on, you and your lancemates can't damage each other.

Adds optional Mech rescale via config file (Mods\YAML_Rescale.ini). 1 is rescale on, 0 is rescale off (default).
Oraeon kindly shared his Rescale code, all of it is his work. Thank you!

Compatible with all my mods including YetAnotherWeapon / YetAnotherWeaponClan (weapons will have their correct canon crit size).

Recommended / compatible mods:
Yet Another Weapon
Yet Another Weapon Clan
Scary Tanks (you might want to wait with enabling this one until you have at least 150-200t worth of lance)
Unlock Hidden Color Schemes
Remove JumpShip Animation
TTRulez_AIMod (Oraeon1224)
vonBiomes (vonSeiten)
MWO Replacement Style HUD (HoneyPepper)
SMMO (Jgood121)
42's Mechs Of Beauty (42and19)
MW5 Rebalance Mission Changes (Paladinj01)
MW5 Rebalance Economy (Paladinj01)
Repair Bays (Bobbert)
Coyotes Mission Pack (Coyotekins)
Lore-based Mech Variants YAML-Edition (Mace24de)
More Career Starts (Suivil) has YAML compatible version.
330's Pilot Overhaul (Wpnx330)
Camo Spec 2.0 (TheChosenOfMods)
HarJelPlast (trueg)

NOT compatible with:
MercTech, obviously :)
Any mod that changes MDA or Loadout files. This mod has its specific MDA requirements (like Reloaded), and Loadouts must have Engine and other slots and equipment for the Mech to be able to move.
Any mod that changes HPS files.
Any mod that changes DerivedMech (such as Logical Lore Salvage). I included higher changes for mech salvage.
Mods that change HeroMechsForPurchase table (this contains the Hero mechs that can spawn as starmap mech icons - if they are not in the table, they will never spawn).
MechAttributeViewer (it changes MechToolTip, and this mod needs its custom calculations for weight, heat etc). No worries though, my ToopTip shows even more :)
Expanded Hardpoints: not needed anymore. All slots are "expanded" as in can take any weapon that you can fit based on crit slots.
PirateTech is not compatible. You can try, but I can't help you there.
Xenopax Unification - Not compatible.

If anyone is interested in making additional mechs or loadouts compatible with this mod, PM me and I'll explain what is needed.

Note: I started working on this a month before the Great Mod Apocalypse of the DLC/Game update happened, when I learned that Navid A1 can't update Reloaded for the time being. He gave me a lot of help since I started modding MW5 as a complete beginner almost 1.5 years ago.
While I had all the Mech HPS, MDA, Loadout and UnitCard already made for my old "Yet Another Mech" mod, Navid A1 directly gave me all his Reloaded versions of those, plus the Engines and other equipment, which helped immensely (much less to go over and modify).
All the Mechlab logic and widgets, blueprints are my own work. Since my mod is following the same equipment rules (with a few differences), most of those MechData and Loadouts are 1:1 compatible, but still had to update all of them with weight, refit costs, share cost, upgrade slots.

Special thanks to:
Navid A1 for making Reloaded, and giving permission to use his assets.

Thanks for helping with various UE4 issues:
Fil F
Dave F

Thanks for contributing:
XXL Engines - Paladinj01
Code, extended equipment properties - trueg

Thanks for betatesting:
Chaos Berzerker
and others