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By request, a headmorph using Ashley's textures for the entire trilogy.

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By request, I made a headmorph using Ashley's textures. The headmorph will work for MELE1 and 2 but not 3 because Ashley's textures aren't tintable in 3 and also the headmesh has more vertices and the shapes are different so you can't get the exact same look (which is why everyone was horrified when they imported their Shepards to ME3 back in 2012)

Update 10 June 2021 - LE3 Headmorph is now available with a texture mod that replace default Femshep's face textures and another that restores them to vanilla if you need it. It's not a perfect copy but I worked my arse off making textures that wouldn't cause seams, getting colours right and moving bones to get the best I could. The mouth in the pictures for ME3 is narrower than it will look in game. It was bugging me after I took the shots and I remade the head from scratch to get it more in line with her LE1 and 2 appearance. It's not a huge difference and I will try and update the screenshots at some point.

To install texture mods, you need to download and run Mass Effect Modder version 501 or higher.

You need Trilogy Save Editor to import the .ron headmorph file.

If you want to play around with this face shape, the code for LE1 is:

7L3.M1L.I11.W81.N6M.96J.7GI.8A1.WM6.117.C46.11G.1 - This code will have a low bun and brows. Change whatever you like but get rid of the brows is you are going to use Ash's textures and remember to cover the ears in LE1.

ME3 facecode isn't worth posting, I changed a lot in the save editor. I started with the code above though if you want to go down that rabbit hole.