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Adds the OT ME3 multiplayer Customizable Asari Adept Armor to FemShep's locker. Choose colors and patterns like you would the N7 armor. Now available in LE2.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds the customizable asari adept/vanguard armor from the OT multiplayer. You can change the colors, patterns, materials etc. just like the N7 armor. First released for LE3, the LE2 version has some changes and limitations due to the way the tinting system works but overall, it's the same mod working in LE2.

First, you'll notice a change of name. This mod only includes the freebie asari COMMANDO armor from the LE3 version which you'll find straight away in your locker if you are a female Shepard.

This is because with two bonuses on the chest piece, totalling 10% (5%power, 5% shields), you can easily beat the best power-focused armor set (The Blood Dragon armor) in the game by buying extra pieces with bonuses and unlocking the invisible versions in IVAP.  Adding another chest piece with bonuses totalling 80% sold in a shop in a game where every credit counts would have been totally OP and kind of pointless given that they are visually identical.

AGAIN, this mod DOES NOT add invisible pieces so you'll need IVAP - LE2 or something similar that adds invisible pieces.

The mod wasn't a simple texture and mesh replacement. The materials work differently in LE2 and I had to compensate by fixing the textures to work with that system. It's not a perfect match but it's pretty close.

Another limitation is the small number of vanilla tints. You can really only make it look good in a few colour combination. I STRONGLY recommend New Armour Colors (LE2) by Jade to guarantee you'll find a look you like.

A final limitation I've tried to address is the inability to changes the color of the lights on the suit. I can't make the lights tintable in-game but when you install it you get an option of 14 additional colors (with reference photos and bad jokes :D ) as well as the default blue. You'll probably want to find the setup you like best and then reapply the mod to choose the light color that goes best. It only takes a second but it does mean briefly leaving the game. The changes only affect this armor. I *might* provide matching color options for the sentry interface in the future as it's the only non-dorky visor but I got other stuff going on first. 

The mod is fully localized in EN-US, DEU and POL. If you are interesting in helping out with translations or editing, please see here.

Final thoughts
Anyway, I hope it all works fine for you guys but given the rocky start of my last mod launch, There may be bugs and I'll try to fix them as quickly as I can.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Upload screenshots (I didn't have much time to take many) and have fun!


Thanks to ArA3993 for the Polish translation and Mgamerz again for helping me with setting up the installation options. Original hi-res textures were made by Tarkov.