Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Adds the multiplayer Customizable Asari Adept Armor to FemShep's locker. Choose colors and patterns like you would the N7 armor.

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This mod adds the customizable asari adept/vanguard armor from the OT multiplayer. You can change the colors, materials, lights etc. just like the N7 armor.

It's a remake of my OT ME3 mod with a few significant changes:

  • A brand new mesh edited from scratch. Reshaped and reweighted at the neck to eliminate clipping. You can now wear short hair.

  • Spruced up textures based on Smartek's original HD versions. All maps have been AI upscaled to 4K, the normal has more depth. I cleaned up the tint and stripe maps.

  • The mesh still comes as a torso piece but with the same bonus as the Armax Arsenal Spirit Armor (see image above) and can now be bought from the Spectre Requisitions store for 125K credits, which is a steal for probably the most powerful armor in the game and much less than some weapons. But if you want to start wearing it right away, worry not because...
  • You get a much less powerful version (+10% power damage) unlocked for free, in your armor locker at the start of the game called the asari commando armor - There's a little lore thrown in for both versions and you can use the less powerful version if you're not playing a power focused class and you want to fill head/shoulders/arms/legs with invisible bonuses from IVAP
  • Speaking of which, I'm not going to make IVAP a hard requirement but this armor doesn't come with any invisible pieces so either use that mod or another mod that adds invisible pieces.
  • There is no longer a light torso/dark torso option. The dark torso just looks better in all circumstances in my opinion and I don't want to maintain two versions of the textures if I need to make changes or add two more similar looking armors to the game. If there is absolute outcry on this I might change my mind but I doubt it.
  • If you play a male Shep, the armor won't be in your locker or in the store. There is no "male version".


Drop the mod into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

Known issues/Fixes in the works:

  • Because the armor is a torso piece and the bonus is a full body bonus, the blue bars won't move to reflect your new stats but they will still be displayed in written form. I tried to create a custom bonus but I haven't managed to yet. The bonuses are definitely applied though. You can check your shield rating to be certain. FIXED IN 1.4
  • Because this is a torso piece, you can potentially add invisible pieces with bonuses and be totally OP. I don't care what you do and I couldn't stop you if I did... but I suggest using the "None" pieces from IVAP for the Asari Adept Armor and pieces with bonuses for the Asari Commando Armor.
  • This is my first time adding anything to a store. I can't seem to make it only be purchasable once. So for now... just don't waste your money buying it more than once. FIXED IN 1.4
  • The neck is fitted to medium with a bit of give. If you have a really thick neck, it might still clip. I'm not changing that or maintaining two meshes, sorry.

Technical notes:
Mount priority: 4005
Armor IDs: 620-621

Final notes:

Because the game is in US English, from now on, all my mods and mod pages will be in US English even though I'm from the UK. This is just for consistency in game and for when people search for mods. I might slip up in the body of the text but for mod page titles, it's going to ARMOR not ARMOUR etc.

Thanks to the Legendary Explorer team for making modding possible and thanks to Smartek for the base textures. Thanks to  Mgamerz and  Cxyrtyx who helped me crack the bonuses issue that had been plaguing me for days and taught me a thing or two along the way.


ArA3993 for the Polish translation