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Adds "invisible" versions of all vanilla armour parts so you can wear full body armours as torso pieces and still choose armour bonuses based on your class and playstyle. Unlock requirements remain the same. And you can wear JUST your chest piece and NOTHING else.

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There are a few mods out there that add full body armours as torso pieces in the armour locker and there will likely be many more in the future (I certainly plan to). Each one of these mods has to add invisible shoulder, arms and legs parts to the armour locker like the "no helmet" option so you don't have to have the vanilla armour parts visible and clipping with your already complete outfit.

While necessary, there are multiple issues with this:

  • Each mod adds their own, quickly filling your locker with unnamed parts (or named after vanilla parts) you don't need. E.g. You may find yourself with several invisible Kestrel gauntlets.
  • The invisible parts do not reference ANY mesh but the game forces you to wear at least one additional piece with your torso forcing you to wear a visor or another part that might not ruin the look of your armour.
  • The bonuses are inconsistent. They can be nothing at all, they can have no description but a single part can have every vanilla bonus in the game making you ridiculously OP without even knowing it.

This mod solves these issues by:

Adding labelled and localized invisible versions of the armour parts available in the vanilla game, including all headgear. The unlock requirements are the same as the vanilla counterparts. When you buy the Amplifier plates, you get the invisible version along with its bonus. You start the game with your N7 parts, invisible versions of N7 parts and parts labelled simply "None" with no bonuses at all. These exist because a mod might add an armour with a full body bonus like the Blood Dragon armour and so you can choose to hide everything but the torso piece without adding extra bonuses and making you OP. It's up to you. 

If you don't need or want a bonus, then simply don't buy the vanilla piece and it won't appear.

All the of the invisible parts I've added reference a tiny single triangle mesh hidden in the body (even the "no helmet" option) so that the game always thinks you are wearing at least two pieces of amour even if you hide everything but your chest piece. You are no longer forced to wear a visor to stop hidden armour reappearing.

All the bonuses attached to the parts I added correspond with their vanilla counterparts and are labelled as such. In English the name is the same followed by (invisible). If you play your game in a language other than English, you will see the name of the armour in your language preceded by an asterisk * - I did this because "invisible" is an adjective and even if I searched for the translations for all the languages supported, the word can change depending on the gender, number and case of the noun... blah blah, linguistic nonsense.... that would have been too much of a headache without a native translator's help. Also some of the names, especially the Japanese kanji names are very long and you cannot see the end of the name on screen.

I did do my best to translate the word "none".

In addition to English (INT), there is full language support for:

German (DEU)
Spanish (ESN)
French (FRA)
Italian (ITA)
Japanese (JPN)
Polish (POL) and
Russian (RUS)

There are also language files for Czech (CZE) and Hungarian (HUN) but they will display English names because the version of the game I have doesn't have those files to search for the translations. The files are still included however so that the mod is still playable if your game is set to that language and you won't see $1698456 or whatever instead of an actual name.

N.B. - The Russian in the description is in the above image is probably gibberish as it's a place holder for a mod I'm working on and I used Google translate.

So now you can go shopping with the death mask and show your pretty face or wear the Morinth's armour without having to wear a visor or ugly earrings and still get all the bonuses to suit your class and playstyle.


When you install this mod, you will be presented with an option to clean up your locker by removing the invisible parts added by other mods.

These include:

Jane Shepard's Closet
More Appearances for ME2LE and ME3LE by Mistyvail
ME2LE Gameplay Coalesced Combined Tweaks (which includes Mistyvail's armour additions)
Squad outfits for Jane and
Morinth Armour (both versions)
Liara Armor for Shepard (just the earrings and invisible Kestrel pieces -  the breather is still there)

If you don't have any of these mods installed then you don't need to check the option. It's completely OPTIONAL regardless. I want to say that this is not me "correcting" those mods. They HAD to add the parts. This mod exists so no-one will have to again.

The Locker Cleanup feature was removed as it was impossible to maintain.


If you're a modder wanting to add a full body outfit as a chest piece, you can suggest this mod to your users rather than adding your own invisible pieces. Or maybe you are just sitting at home messing around with you coalesced and you need a set of invisible pieces. I made this mod for myself for my upcoming armour mods so I wouldn't have to keep adding invisible pieces for single outfit mods and my hope is that everyone else will consider using it or asking their users to use it to keep our lockers clean and tidy but it's a free world, do what you like :D


I plan to release the LE3 version very soon before I port my ME3 mods over and publish the new ones I'm working on.


This mod requires ME3Tweaks Mod Manager BETA Just drag the .7z file into your mod library and and hit Apply Mod in the bottom right hand corner. To uninstall, click on my mod in your mod library and then Manage Target in the top tight when you either disable or delete it from your game. Tou can also delete it from your library by right clicking and selecting that option.


Mount Priority 5002
Module DLC 5002
Amour IDs used: 619-630

SPECIAL THANKS to MGamerz who was extremely helpful and the entire ME3Tweaks team for their amazing tools. You guys are the t-ts.