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Restores the OT hair design for Kelly and Kenson, as well as improves Kelly's conversation lighting and restores Kenson's unused armour.

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This mod primarily addresses a common complaint with LE2 - Kelly. All of the ME3 hairstyles were backported for LE1/2, resulting in some characters looking a bit different than what OT players were used to. Additionally, the lighting in Kelly's conversation has a really severe red light that in my opinion is quite unflattering. For Kelly, this mod aims to restore as much of her OT look as possible. This was done by restoring the OT hair design, tweaking her hair colour to get that redhead look back, and adjusting her conversation lighting to be more evenly lit.

While working on this mod, I also decided to address Amanda Kenson, as her hair change bothered me as well. I also decided to try restoring her unused armour (you can actually see her wearing it, along with her OT hair, in her squad icon). She will put the armour on after being freed, and wear it until the time jump aboard Project Base, after which she will wear the scientist outfit as usual.

Kenson/Kelly Restoration is modular. You can choose to install either the Kelly changes, the Kenson changes or both.

Compatibility patches are included for:

This mod is incompatible with LE2 Alternative Bodies.
LE2 Liara Squadmate requires using its built-in patching utility

What's the difference between this mod and Cerberus Ladies Wear Cerberus' Kelly Hair?
  • This mod contains an improved hair mesh by MaZTeR (as of 2.0+)
  • Kelly's hair and eyebrow colour are also restored
  • There are lighting edits to Kelly in the CIC to remove the harsh red lighting and more evenly light her face
  • There's a compatibility patch for Cerberus/Alliance Uniform Consistency


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

Technical Info for Modders
Mount: 8540

TLK Range: 85408540 - 85408543

Plot Data

Main Developer - Audemus
Remastered Hair Mesh - MaZTeR
Kenson Rescue Cutscene Edit - Exkywor
Hair Mesh Conversion (Pre 2.0) - Mellin

This mod contains fixes from the Unofficial LE2 Patch and is therefore fully compatible. Thank you to the LE2 patch team for their hard work!