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Fixes clipping at Miranda's neck through various parts of the game in many cutscenes etc...

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Modified Miranda's head mesh to no longer clip through her body mesh. Can be used with any HD texture mods or vanilla textures. MEUITM2 Blur version used in demo.
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ME3Tweaks Mod Manager

Use ME3TeaksModManager to install and shown in the following video:

What is Blur Studio Tribute?

Special Thanks to:
ScifiIsMyJam101 for testing, collecting Blur studio resources, taking screenshots, and helpful feedback.
Mgamerz for ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3Tweaks fork and helpful advice and guidance building the DLC mod style.
Aquadran for help and support in troubleshooting .mem version
SirCxyrtyx for fixing some bone/skeletal mesh issues when Meshplorer building in ME2