Jurassic World Evolution 2
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Lots of new and improved features for all your terrain-tool needs.

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> Features
  • No Constraints for rock placement (they appear red - ignore the warning and place anyway).
  • New Intensity Slider.
  • More Radius/Intensity Slider Segments.
  • Lower minimum radius
  • Higher maximum radius
  • Slower minimum placement speed, faster maximum placement speed
  • Higher maximum buildable slope (up to 85 degrees)
  • "Instant Placement" shortcut (Hold Shift)
  • "Ignore Vehicles" shortcut (Hold X)
  • 1.3: Remove foliage while painting with any brush (Hold X while painting to remove rather than paint)
  • 1.4: New Roughen Terrain Tool

> Video Mod Guides

(and very start of these two videos covers updates to this mod)

> Complete Beginner's Guide to Installing, Using, Configuring and Uninstalling Mods

> Installation
  • Drag and Drop (or copy and paste) the entire zipped "AKaiExpandedTerrainTools" folder into your game directory at "(...)\Jurassic World Evolution 2\win64\ovldata

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But please do not feel pressured to donate if you either don't want to for any reason at all or can't comfortable afford to! Sharing word of my mods or my videos, or leaving a nice comment is just as appreciated! My work will continue as always ♥