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Trespasser version of Isla Sorna, walk through all levels in order with first person view.
(NOT 100% accurate)

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DLC Requirements: Dominion Malta expansion, Dominion Biosyn expansion.

The island has all 8 levels from the trespasser game and one (cut/deleted) level.

the levels and island are not 100% accurate
i had to scale down and shorten most levels
to fit everything on the island. and due to lack of
props and scenery items(even with mods) some locations
had to be changed. 
i tried my best with the tools i had.
some places might look a bit unfinished which really fits the theme ;) (probably just forgot to finish it)

a little dull without guns and hammonds monologues

Map has all the trespasser species + a few extra to give a little more variation.
and there is an empty version as well so you can use dino spawner to add whatever you want to see on the island.

to install:

drop the save file in your save folder, location should be something like this: local disc(C:)/users/username/Saved games/Frontier developments/jwe2/numbers/saves