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This mod/guide allows you to take companions with you on your adventures

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If you are already using AnyTimeCompanion just download one of the main files and put it in your "~mods" folder.

Hello everybody, I found a way to take companions with us by editing SQL data of our save files. Makig a mod using SQL data does not work because game saves overwrite the values we set. The mod file includes a list with useable companions and a custom mod that changes companions. Professors as well as students work as companions. 

Method 1:

There is a new blueprint mod to get companions in game now. Credit goes to Pez

The Blueprint mod: AnyTimeCompanion

Don't forget to download my custom mod if you want most of them to have spells. (Also adds new spells to main companions.) If you are using this mod you don't have to use method 2.

Method 2: 


How do Companions work

  • They follow you anywhere in map. If you use broom and if they are stuck behind they tp to you. 
  • They cast lumos when you cast lumos.
  • They use disillusionment when you use disillusionment.
  • They fight enemies with you.
  • They can come to Room of Requirements with you.
  • They can come to battle arenas.
  • Some of them will comment on things. (Other characters, side quests, when fighting enemies etc.)
  • Check the videos to see how they work.

Important Warning:
Do not use companions if you are doing their quest. Just to be safe do not edit your save file if you are on any quest. It might get buggy. And please do not forget to save a copy of your save files. Be careful when you are editing save files. They can get messy. Be sure that the save file you are editing is the right one. Check your money and everything else in the save editor  and compare it with your ingame save just to be sure.
It might or it might not crash if you edit a save file in the begining of the game. I suggest start using it by the time you unlock crossed wands dueling club. 
Edit: It seems setting them blank again do not work. Set a different companion name as a band aid fix for now. I'm working on a proper fix. Ignore this. It works. Just delete the name from LastSetCompanion and companion will stop following you.

What does the main file include

  • Most companions are missing spells in the game so they won't fight. This mod fixes the issue.
  • Added at least 1 spell to all of the companions. So every companion has 7 spells in total including stupefy. Example Professor Garlic uses chinese chomping cabbages and Sebastian uses petrificus.
  • Added them to npclevelscaling so their level scales with you. They will deal less damage when you are low level and higher damage when you are higher level.

If you want your companions to use unforgiveable spells use my other mod Companions Use Unforgiveables
Use Hogwarts Mod Merger if you have any other mod that modifies SQL data. (Only for my custom mod, not for save file editing) Also use the mod merger to merge optional files and the custom mod.
I recommend using it along with Harder Mode(s) for a better challenge.
Installation of custom mod: Drop the contents of custom mod into "Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods"
Thank you creator of Hogwarts Legacy Save Game Editor

My other mods:

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For Modders, feel free to use this information and make a better implemented companion mod. If you have any questions i'll try to answer them.

If you like my mods, you can support me via: