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Improves every character in game and makes almost all of them targetable.

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Features of the mod: 

  • Makes almost every character targetable.

  • Students, vendors, professors, townspeople etc. will no longer stay idle in fights, they will fight against enemies.

  • Now every character has their own stats (Hp, damage etc.)

  • Every character including your companions can die in fights but they respawn with fast travel or loading a save.

  • Centaurs will attack you when you enter the Dark Forest and you can kill them.

I suggest using this mod along with Enemis Extremis, so that when enemies spawn in hogwarts or anywhere else, other characters (Students, townspeople etc.) will fight against them.

Spider Alert:



  • Update 1.1: Fixed an issue with Centaurs. Various other fixes.


  • Download the mod
  • Copy and paste the content into: Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods
  • If you use any other mod that modifies SQL use Mod Merger for "zzHLEnhancedSQL". If you don't use the sql file or if you are using other SQL mods and don't merge it everyone will attack you in game.

Warning: If you are using my other mod Enemies Enhanced, use the "All use unforgiveables" version.

This mod uses chunk number 477.

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