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Adds four new spells.

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This mod is outdated, use my new mod Spells Enhanced instead.

 Hello, this mod adds some slotable spells to your character. Currently it adds 4 usable spells. These spells don't take any default spell's slot.
Still working to get some better animations for the spells. Here is a video of Fiendfyre:

Added Spells are listed below:

  • FiendFyre: Casts a flame tornado around the enemy. It only lasts about a second. No channeling.
  • Obliviate: Cast on an enemy to briefly make them forget who they are. (Only lasts a certain amount of time.)
  • Confundo: Cast it to confuse enemies for a fairly long amount of time.
  • White Stupefy: Adds a slotable new basic attack. A white version of normal stupefy with its damage boosted. Damage is consistent meaning fourth attack will not have increased damage but in total the damage dealt will be higher.

There is an alternative mod if anyone is interested: Spell Master

Installation: Drop the mod files in "Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods"
If you have any other mod that modifies SQL data, use Mod Merger

Update 1.0.2: Added thid spell (Confundo) and increased the cc duration of Confundo and Obliviate.
Update 1.0.3: Added White Stupefy.
Update 1.0.4: Added descriptions for the spells.

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