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3DMigoto base mod Install customized for FFVIIR to allow custom textures to be imported into the game.

Permissions and credits
All credits to the development of 3DMigoto go to the original developers: https://github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto/releases.  We simply customized it to work with this game.  Special thanks also to Fraggerman and others from the Fairy Tail mod server.

This basemod, or another version of it, is necessary to use any other 3DMigoto-based mods.  You also must run FFVIIR in DirecX11 mode for this basemod to work.  Instructions for launching the game in DX11 mode can be found online, or in the OpenFF7R Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/qdxhFwT3Tr

To install, simply unzip these files in \Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Binaries\Win64, and launch the game in DX11 mode.  Extract any 3DMigoto-based mods to \Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Binaries\Win64\Mods.

If you are replacing an existing version, delete everything except for your Mods folder and replace any other files with the files from the new version.