Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
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Browse, extract, and replace game files with this tool.

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This tool was once a friendly UI solution for less experienced users to take advantage of VBF related console based tools, from modders to simple players. As of right now, I recommend this tool only to modders. For a more user friendly experience, use the DrakLab Mod Loader

Oh, and the source code is here, if you're interested.


FFXIITZA has its game files compressed in a single, large file. This tool allows you to browse the inner filesystem of such a file, extract files from it, and replace them with your own.

It is pretty simple to use. Simply open the FFXII_TZA.vbf file with the tool and browse away! If you are playing on Steam, you may find the file by right clicking the game within your library, and selecting Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files.


  • Select multiple items for extraction, between folders and files.
  • Inject multiple files or a single folder by selecting them through a dialog box.
  • Inject files and/or folders by just drag them straight into the right side view.

Remember, the files you inject have to match the files in the VBF, or the injection will fail. Check the tool's feedback log for more information.


  • "Upon injecting for the first time, the browser reloaded. What is going on?"
That is absolutely normal. When injecting for the first time, ffgriever's tool creates a record to keep track of things. The browser thus reloads the UI to display this.

  • "The log reports things about not enough space, is the injection not working?"
It is working, that message just means your injected file was larger than the original, and had to be moved somewhere else in the file structure.

  • "I always have to inject twice / reload the browser for injection to work, why?
Most likely that means you don't have administrative privileges to be performing write operations on the file. Running the browser as Administrator should fix this (also recommend setting ff12-vbf/ff12-vbf.exe to launch as administrator, just in case).
If it still doesn't work, then I don't know. This problem is only reproducible on the same machines it first happened in, thus I'm inclined to conclude it is a software issue on the user end, as many more have reported no problems injecting files. If someone can pin down the issue, let me know!


This tool is used to alter the game files. Remember to make a backup! What you do with your game files is up to you. I'm not responsible for whatever happens to your game.


  • 2018/04/07

Fixed bug relating to injecting files on the topmost folder (where you see gamedata, ps2data etc).

  • 2018/04/05
Fixed bug relating to extracting a file that was just injected. Now whenever a file is injected the pointers to its new location in the vbf are updated without needing to reopen it. Its original storage size in the UI is also updated.
The cursor will now indicate whether or not background work is being done.

  • 2018/04/04
Fixed a couple bugs related to the interaction with ffgriever's tool. When the game's installation path contained spaces it wouldn't work. Now it should.
Removed ff12-phyre.exe from the ff12-vbf folder as it is irrelevant to this tool.

  • 2018/04/03
New version released, with new UI and drag-and-drop functionality.

  • 2018/02/14
Main release.