Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
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A very simple edit to the Shikari job board that gives characters access to all 4 Ninja Sword licenses.

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As you probably know, Shikari can't get all 4 Ninja Sword licenses as each one is stuck behind a Quickening license, meaning you have to choose which of the 4 you don't want since you're limited to 3 Quickenings. I hate this design decision profoundly, no other class in the game does this, so I decided to make a very quick and simple edit to the job board.

-Quickening licenses A and B, which had the Ninja Sword 1 and 2 licenses behind them respectively, now have NOTHING behind them.
-Quickening license C, which had the Ninja Swords 3 license behind it, now has the Ninja Swords 1 and 2 licenses behind it INSTEAD.
-Quickening license D, which has the Yagyu Darkblade & Mesa license behind it, now ALSO has the Ninja Swords 3 license behind it.

Download and extract the .zip from the Files tab of this mod page. There will be a file called board_12.bin within, this is the modified job board for Shikari.

To replace the existing job board with this one, you'll need VBF Browser. Run the executable, click "Open" at the top left, navigate to the "FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE" folder in steamapps/common, and double click "FFXII_TZA.vbf".

In the navigation panel on the left, browse to /ps2data/image/ff12/test_battle/in/binaryfile and you should see a bunch files in the view panel on the right, some of which will be 12 files from board_1.bin to board_12.bin. Click the "Inject" button, a pop-up window saying "Are you injecting a whole folder?" should appear, click "No".

Double click on board_12.bin which you downloaded and extracted already (or if you haven't, now is the time to do so). A pop-up window should appear saying "Done.", click "OK" and then click "Exit" at the top left. Congratulations, you did it! Now go enjoy using all the Ninja Swords!

As with all mods, you should backup your save files. They can be found in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE\[folder with a long string of numbers].

In addition, this mod is only present here on the Nexus, if for whatever reason that changes, I will say so here in the description. If you see this mod anywhere else, and this description does not explicitly name that place, do not trust the file, especially if they make any mention of financial compensation. This is a tiny edit that I would never even think of requesting compensation for, and that took me a matter of minutes to make, including the time it took fooling around with VBF Browser and Zodiac Planner to learn how to use them because I was too lazy to watch a tutorial (special thanks to VaanSkyPirate for making both softwares, enabling me to make this mod).

I sincerely hope you enjoy the mod!