Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
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Moderate buff to the health of storyline bosses

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Simple modification that raises the HP of the mandatory bosses who by far and large die too fast, nothing else is touched since I can't be bothered to balance things.
It's more a proof of concept than anything serious.

2 options: 50% increase or 100% increase. Fortunately most bosses are in their own file so you can pick and choose which one you want or mix & match both version and it doesn't conflict with anything as of yet. A readme is included in the download that explains which file modifies which boss.

Optional download with the original files if you want to revert the changes.

I haven't play tested every fight but x2 hp Elder Wyrm at level 20 with modded team equipement/spells/stats to be about 25% weaker and no quickenings was doable if rather tedious so everything should be fine.


Extract the ps2data folder from the download, customize if you desire and inject the ps2data folder at the root of the VBF with the VBF Browser.

You should see a bunch of "Patching ps2data/plan_master/in/plan_map/xxx_x/area/xxx_x.ard" in the command prompt.

As usual, having a backup of your VBF file somewhere is a good idea.