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  • FC3 AWM10 GunGO Fix and Better sights Mod

    Fix : AWM10 GunGo 모드의 활사냥 실패 오류 수정.  Bug fix for Bow hunt quest failure.Mix : 광학조준기의 어두운 조준선을 밝은 점으로 바꿈. Simple is best, Better sight mod.
    * Nothing else changed.
    머즐 브레이커 포레버~...

  • AWM10 GunGo Bow hunt failure Fix

    * AWM10 GunGo 모드의 활사냥 실패 오류 수정. (Bug fix for Bow hunt quest failure)
    * Nothing else changed.PS.아이 러브 디스 머즐 브레이커...

  • Version 5.0 Plans and Other Projects

    When modders first started modding this game, over five years ago, we didn't know how to do many things properly. We didn't understand the way the game's files worked, we didn't understand how to properly add new files to the game, we didn't understand what many things did, and we didn't understand how different mechanics worked together behind the scenes. We used some very crude methods to accomplish some of the things we wanted to do because it seemed to work fine at the time. Over time it has grown into a big problem for me though. The files are a mess and it's limiting what I can do with the mod.

    Version 5.0 will focus on completely remaking this mod from scratch. Clean edits to all of the files so everything is clear and simple again, and everything just works as it's int...

  • PBU:weapon's temper


    So here's my thoughts.

    Assault rifles - have both vertical and roll recoil, because they're RIFLes.

    Nato/European rifles have clockwise rifling barrel so their roll recoil goes from the right.

    Russian weapons have counter-clockwise rifling barrel and their roll recoil goes from the left.

    Same here for snipers and LMGs

    Handguns - have only vertical recoil due to lost of rifling barrel

    SMG - have vertical and horizontal recoil, but no roll at all because of straight barrel.

    Shotguns - have only vertical and horizontal recoil.

    1. STGW90 - straight downside-up recoil with a bit right roll deviations
    2. HK416 ...