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Start with upgraded craftable equipment or even free access to some weapons (if you choose to). Made to enjoy the rest of the game.

Permissions and credits
This save will work only with Ziggy's Mod and 1.5 version of the game (downgrade tutorial below).

If you don't enjoy spending hours killing animals or climbing towers, these saves are for you. There are no completed quests, looted
boxes or items. Achievements still count.

  • Equipment upgraded (but not fully; you still need unique animal skins from quests to further upgrade them) ensuring that gameplay in crafting continues
  • As above + towers (free access to good amount of weapons and 6 skill points)
    Total 7 hours spent

In Ziggy's Mod the return to main menu option is hidden. You can actually scroll to it (its before quit) and press enter. There are also some useful keybinds:
F9 - quick save
F11 - quick load

Extract save to this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\[some numbers]\46\

If save is not in the game you may want to disable cloud save synchronization in ubisoft connect general settings.
The in-game notification "The Far Cry 3 service is not available. Please try again later." is normal and will not affect achievements.

Game downgrade (for Steam)

Win+R-> steam://open/console
In the Steam console: download_depot 220240 220241 7362101836779063707

1.5 version of the game will be downloaded to this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_220240\depot_220241
Delete old game files and paste what you just downloaded. You can make copy of the original game folder if you want. Your previous saves won't work.

Congratulations! Now make sure to disable auto updates. To do that:
Steam -> Far Cry properties -> updates -> Only update this game when I launch it
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps set appmanifest_220240 to read-only = steam won't be able to update

Remember to download Ziggy's Mod!