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This mods makes HBAO less intrusive, reduces haloing, over-shadowing and comes in two flavors.
Mod Installer version + loose files available!

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As you probably all know, Far Cry 3's HBAO is very rough. It's an early implementation and Ubisoft went overboard with it.
You're surely familiar with those black outlines around every single objects (referred to as "haloing") and over-shadowing.

This mod aims to alleviate just that. I can't "fix" HBAO to be just like modern titles however, keep that in mind. It has zero impact on performance, I just tweaked its settings. It does not affect SSAO or HDAO.
It'll look better, not perfect. You will still get haloing, but to a way lesser degree.

Two versions:
  • Optimal which keeps the intended effect whilst making it less distractive,
  • Subtle which is made to be as less distracting as possible while still providing more shading than HDAO.

I reworked this mod to be compatible with FC3 Mod Installer. It's the easiest way to use mods, so I would highly suggest using it. 
The Patch & Loose files are still available but will not be supported going forward. 

If you like this small mod, please consider endorsing it!


- With FC3 Mod Installer:
Open the mod's archive then locate the Mod Installer folder, and extract Better HBAO.a3 to ModifiedFilesFC3. You can now launch Mod Installer and Better HBAO will show up in your list of available mods. Use the selector to choose which version you want to use, install, and you're done. 

- Manually:
See the article tab for install instructions as well as a tutorial to tweak HBAO to your liking. Manual install isn't supported anymore.


- Hunter, author of the Redux mods, without whom I wouldn't be modding Far Cry games in any meaningful manner,
Scubrah, that found the values for HBAO in the .dll, helped me get a foothold with FC3 modding & is responsible for the improved dictionary,
- The FC5 Resistance mod team, for their FCBConverter tool. Amazing job guys,
- Miru, for being such a nice & helpful dude and contributed to the creation of FCBConverter,
- YOU, for downloading this mod!