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Hey ! Let me introduce you to Sam =)

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UPDATE 1: Now Sam's CBBE Bodyslide Preset available ! ;)

Update 2: Now Sam's save without the starting perks for those who want a clean start
Update 3 : Changed the No Perk - File to the original save name to prevent issues from loading / finding the save

**Added 3 more photos with some slight modifications to show how you can customize Sam to your own taste**

Hi all , first I want to clarify that english is not my mother tongue and I apologize in advance for some mistakes that I could do.

Now it is said, let me introduce you to Samantha. 
Sam is, or rather was ( as we all know what happened to her and her family), a brilliant lawyer. She earned a law degree at Suffolk County School of Law and planned to get a job as her husband Nate retired from the army after their son Shaun was born.

She met the man who would be her future husband while she had not yet begun her studies.
While Nate was off-duty at Concord, she was assaulted by a guy outside the bar where he was. Attracted by the noise of the assault, Nate came out to see what was happening. When he saw Sam struggling against this man he did not hesitate a second. As a soldier in the US Army, he perfectly knew the self-defense techniques, and although the thug had pulled a knife, he had no difficulty in neutralizing him. Then, turning towards to Sam he saw his bloody face partially hidden by her hands and tears. The invidividual had struck her a blow as she defended herself.
That day, she decided that she would become a lawyer, to bring justice to those who didn't have the chance to be rescued by people like Nate.

Sam is smart and charismatic, she did some gymnastics when she was in high school but having spent over 200 years in a cryogenic cell has reduced her physical abilities, besides her eye injury has somewhat altered her visual perception. Nevertheless she has preserved, in part, her original agility. 

Now that the introductions are made, let me describe you the file itself:

As you will see from the photos, you will have at the start of your game, the skills that seems (to me) necessary for an enjoyable game play.

The save takes place in the Vault 111, just before picking up the pip-boy (because I love this scene) and therefore, you can choose to change the appearance and characteristics of Sam.
Photos that are presented have been taken from another scene to show you, in good light, the beautiful face of Sam.

Note that in the file that I propose, I very slightly moved forward Sam's forehead to not see the hair protruding from the top of the forehead (as seen in the first 3 photos, the 6th is with the correction and what you get IG), besides the hair color won't be dark but auburn, but no worries if you prefer the darker hair since you can change the hair color at diamond city, or any hairdresser, or by using the console command "slm 14". 
I chose the auburn hair because at the beginning of the game, you won't wear dark clothes (except if you use mods) and the brown clothes you'll be wearing suit better with auburn hair than the dark one (for my taste). 

I wanted to share this tough girl since I'm really excited when I travel the Commonwealth with her, and I thought it might interest other people to embody a girl like Sam. So... here is Sam !

Besides, be aware that you can use Face Ripper ( by xatmos ) to turn your stoned Cait or your taut Curie into a noble Sam as well ; or whatever compatible companions (Dogmeat isn't).

By the way if you're experiencing any sort of problem with the save or the Bodyslide Preset, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you. 

REQUIREMENTS (if you want the exact same face) :
THBrows by TrophiHunter
The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Wasteland Salon - Hair Texture Improvement Mod by Limo 

Kerrigan Bodysuit by Guffeh - Flaicher - Vasstek
Proto Vault Suit by nitronizer 
Fallout Texture Overhaul Pipboy by Gorgulla 
Essential Perks by ReizoCain (Starting Perks)
Real Leather HD - Armor and Clothing by mm137
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-by Caliente and Ousnius
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
TIE's Vanilla Outfit CBBE Bodyslide Conversions by tielebras
CBBE Every Armor Parts with Bodyslide by Justice
CBBE Innies - Fallout 4 Edition by XunAmarox 
Armorsmith Extented by Gambit77 (Dogmeat Armor and gloves)
The M2216 Standalone Assault Rifle by FF7CloudStrife and thespaceman0915
Spring Cleaning by Nverjos
Patch Job - Fill Those Holes by Stuyk (Houses on the background)
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru (The outisde shower)