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This adds workshop building, crafting, scrapping and storage inside the Institute.

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This adds Building, Crafting & Shared Storage inside the Institute.


In the Director's quarters, you'll find a control panel that functions as a settlement workbench.
Store your resources there, or enter building mode. 

You can scrap most of the Director's quarters.
You can also scrap a lot of stuff in the main concourse area. Scrap at your own risk.


There are Armor and Weapon stations outside of the SRB area. 
There is a Food Synthesization Station in the cafeteria.
There is a Biochemistry station inside of Biosciences.
There is a Power Armor Station inside of Advanced Systems


All the stations share resources. All Crafted stations will share resources as well.


As of Version .51 you can access build mode immediately.

Hopefully, I'll figure out out to make it only functional AFTER you finish the main quest
and fully take over as Director. This should hopefully help from anything breaking. 

Be advised, if you decide the future of mankind shouldn't be in the Institute's superior hands
be sure to remove any items you might want to hold onto.

Install with your favorite mod manager.
If upgrading to version .51 from an earlier version, uninstall the previous version first and then install new version. 
Or manually install by unzipping the 7z archive and copying the .esp, and folders into your Fallout4/Data/ folder.


This edits the main concourse, Advanced Systems and Bioscience cells.
If you have other plugins that edit the same cells, a patch will most likely be needed.

After your initial visit to the Institute, followers will now teleport with you in and out of the Institute.

There is a limit to the amount you can create, but it's quite a lot.

Because you can build right away (as on V .51), you could potentially build stuff that could break quests.
I'm still working on adding the pre-req to access building mode.

If you have problems, spot bugs, or have any good suggestions, let me know in the comments.

Special thanks to people to have tested this so thoroughly and uploaded screenshots!

This was created with the following:

Photoshop, NIFSkope,  FO4Edit, Bethesda Archive Extractor,
Material Editor, and Precise object moving and rotating.

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