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I wanted some cats for my settlements, so I made this.  They are craftable under the Decor/Misc category for one empty milk bottle. Each cat adds +1 happiness.  They don't do anything else, they're just cats.

There's  eight colors/breeds to choose from - tortie, white, Siamese, black tux, orange tabby, Russian blue, and calico,  plus the vanilla grey tabby - and you can scrap them for cat meat, bone, and fertilizer.  (Don't do this to living ones, you monster.)  The textures are still somewhat crude, but will do for now.  For some reason the icons still won't appear.

I've added two craftable bowls to trigger animations - one for drinking and one for sunning (aka just laying there).  They may help people with issues with cats walking off and drowning.  Not much else I can do pre-CK.

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Player Settlements

Colored Workshop Lights
Craftable Cats
Stackable Brick Walls and Foundations

Models and Textures

Black and White Pipboy
Black Sea Captain's Hat with variants
Colorful Mirelurks
Denim and Leather for Kate
Gold-Rimmed Patrolman Glasses with variants
Green Ghouls
Immersive Sweetroll with Sprinkles
Improved Map with Visible Roads
Pool Table HD variants
Real Leather HD
Realistic Pool Balls HD
Scary Monkey Clown Trap HD


Glowing Animals Emit Light
Leather Armor Bugfix - Vanilla and CBBE
Open-Faced Guard Helmets