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A new standalone rifle inspired by the R91, complete with custom mesh and textures! Now available with MODS! Fully custom Stock, Barrels, Sounds, Textures and Attachments now available.

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Version 1.6

A Very BIG Update;
Sounds, Ammunition, Materials, Laser, Torch and more!


Uninstall all previous versions first

You may need to Spawn/Loot a new R91 for this update, the breadth and magnitude of changes could adversely effect weapons from previous versions, Sorry!

A great deal has been added in this version, so I will break it down by category with the more general fixes at the end!

There are now fully custom sounds for the gun, they are not perfect but certainly give it some variation. This would not have been possible without the excellent guidance of Nexus user philip92dk, so make sure to send your gratitude his way!  The sounds themselves are from a 7.62 FAL, big thanks to CevCon for the sounds (I know he plays FO4, if you are out there I would love to hear from you!)

Two new magazines are available, a 'Wasteland Rigged' Quick Mag and a Large Drum Mag. As the names imply the quick mag improves reload speed and the drum mag ups the ammo capacity. I have also edited the mag-well on the gun to give slightly nicer looking reloads.

Some exciting new things here, introducing a Barrel Mounted Torch and a Laser Sight. Both are great fun to play with, the Light functions perfectly but the Laser is more a cosmetic option for now. Finally included is a Bayonet for those who like things close and personal. Finally there is the 'Infiltrator' Loadout which combines a Flashlight,Torch and Silencer in one deadly package!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the way the Laser sight works the gun model will appear very distant when viewed on the mod bench or in the inventory, although it doesn't effect gameplay at all, just expect it to be a little odd looking in the menus!

There has been a complete revamp and re-code of the texture swap system,
with the addition of an entirely new mod category. Whilst in the workbench you can select any Stock and any Barrel (Except the Integrated Silencer) combination and then go to the Material category. Once you select your desired material the entire gun will be re-textured. This really allows you to add the finishing touch to your R91.
This system is fairly modular and so I would like to implement more textures into it. If you have/know of any I would love to include them!

 The second
new mod category gives you the ability to choose your Ammunition independently from your Reciever!
Automatic with Armour Piercing Incendiary Rounds? Sure thing
Hardened with .308 Hollow-Point Rounds
? Why not!

Hair Trigger with Plasma Infused Rounds
I think you get the idea...

There are too many to list here, but you can make some interesting guns with whats on offer! To select ammo type, simply go to the new mod category and attach it like any other mod!

So I think the scopes needed an improvement and so did you! Proper scope rails that don't look a little ridiculous and a New Reflex Sight are the improvements I think we all wanted. Additionally I have tweaked and remodeled the Iron-Sights so they FINALLY work correctly, they really do point where the gun will shoot!

A complete overhaul of the handling characteristics of the gun has
been carried out, it's now under control during automatic fire and mods make a real difference to it's stats and performance. It really makes the gun good fun to use and customize now, plus it feels like mods have a tangible effect.
The perk issues should also be mostly sorted, unfortunately it is just hard to keep track of which ones come into play so occasionally some do get missed!

Hopefully you will have some fun with all the new content and options. This update certainly took some time but it is worth it! Because this Mod does add a few new and little-tested systems to the game my apologies for any unforeseen glitches

Thanks for all your support so far and an extra special thanks to all the exceptionally kind individuals who have donated to help me continue with the mods!
I'm trying to reply to everyone's comments and messages so sorry if it takes a little while.


Why not try out the new M9 Pistol

Check out my gun for all you REDS out there, the AK-2047

Stent Security Solutions



The R91 'Massachusetts' Assault Rifle

  Our most advanced weapon yet, finally available in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We don't think anything should come between you and your freedom, especially pesky Bureaucrats or 'Do-Gooders'. After some hard campaigning and insignificant Government mandated 'safety' improvements, we can finally bring to you the custom 'Massachusetts' version of our popular R91 Rifle. Throw away those other so-called 'Assault Rifles' and choose the gun proven by the National Guard of our very own Capitol.  Show everyone you mean business, because when it comes to safety and liberty, we all know deterrence is the way.

Launching on the 16th October 2077
Don't delay, order scavenge one Today!


After lots of experimentation and many frustrating hours, I've finally managed to create a standalone weapon mod. Its loosely based around the R91 from F03 as well the G3/FAL but I think it fits the 'Assault Rifle' gap in FO4 well. The model and textures were graciously provided by the user arby26 over at Game Banana. I made some modifications to the models and textures in 3DSMax so they would fit and animate properly as well as doing the Nifskope/FO4Edit work.

The mod features a full custom model as well as the correct hand and Trigger finger positions. A fully animated and working Breech/Slide and correct shell ejection. A custom Magazine that works aside from a misplaced hand on reload (I'm
currently borrowing the reload animation from the Submachine Gun). Custom Iron Sights, the correct Muzzle flash and is fully textured

Now featuring Receiver and Barrel as well as a 'texture swap' grip function created by undyne777 for this mod! Check out his other great work on the
Caliber Conversion Kit.
The gun also spawns in the Wasteland on Raiders, Gunners and Super Mutants thanks to the work of beaverdog.
Make sure to check out his mods too!

This mod is the culmination of (too much!) time and energy and my first go at modding a Bethesda game. I would really appreciate any thanks/endorsement/constructive feedback.

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes peeled for more custom weapon mods coming soon, I'd love suggestions/models to use for them. Hopefully this weapon will inspire some more mods for this great game too.




I recommend installing with NMM, although manual installation is possible by placing the folders into \Data along with the .esp.

Can be spawned in with the console by finding the Item ID [help r91 4] and then [player.additem {Item ID}]


Uninstall all previous versions first

After learning some more 3D modelling, I have created some stock variants for the gun. There is the lightweight Carbine, advanced Tactical and my favorite, the Infiltrator
. With a folding stock, ultra-short barrel and skeleton grips this little homage really mixes things up!

I really enjoyed making these and they are just as fun to use!


Two additional textures have been provided by users, Mythos214's Faded and
Sam Fisher's Aged. Thanks to them both and keep those textures, suggestions and edits coming!


I have (finally) fixed the perk problems and have added two new Powerful Receivers for higher damage

The mods would have been many more days (read weeks) in creation if not for the assistance of undyne777. A mod maestro who worked away continuously whilst I was away wading (swimming) around my hometown. I recommend you check out his other great work on the Caliber Conversion Kit, an essential in my Wasteland.
Another raft of changes thanks to another talented modder, beaverdog. Again consistently going above and beyond to help me out, having previously provide much needed texture and loot-table skills he is back again! Please check out his mods too and give him an endorse!

The four receivers consist
of Semi and Automatic .308 and 5.56 versions, bringing the gun together into one definitive R91 version (R.I.P. RS and 901). All this done and balanced by undyne777
The 'texture swap system' allows you to change the surface texture of the gun with a mod, again created by undyne777. Featured so far are my original two textures and undyne777's four wood/polymer textures
I managed to eke out one measly mod myself, you can now equip a suppressor on the rifle
Adding to beaverdog's previous work on the loot table, his new additions have been incorporated meaning Super Mutants now spawn with the R91
Making up for my texture inefficiencies beaverdog has improved the normal map to give an even better looking gun


Enemies now spawn with the correct ammunition for their weapon
The .308 rifles now have a capacity of 30 rounds compared to 35 in 5.56 guise
The .308 and 5.56 rifles now have different damage stats to one-another

A huge thanks to beaverdog (a far better texturer than I) for fixing the Normal Map
Again thanks to beaverdog (modder of many talents) for helping in getting the gun onto the loot table
I've managed to tone down the recoil/barrel rise a tad, should make handling easier

Fixed the Shadow Bug, Thanks MAXG3D and TheCinnamonBun for the help!


This mod would not be possible without the fantastic Mesh and Textures by arby26, view his original here: http://gamebanana.com/models/2540

undyne777 for tireless help and advice. Not to mention the astonishing texture work and gun mod creation!

beaverdog for consistent enthusiastic assistance, texture work and loot table mastery

Nifskope Alpha, a brilliant tool

The indispensable FO4edit

ousnius for the Material Editor

The highly useful 3DSMax .nif exporters

and of course Bethesda, kindly leaving me a space in the weapons lineup for this gun
(Plus the amazing game!)