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This mod changes all guns. It increases damage accross the board, seperates Caliber and automatic function from the receivers. Finaly it also adds up to three additional modslots for most weapons. Muzzles and Bayonets do have their own categories to know. Support for weapons added by mods is planned too.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes a lot about the weapon crafting System and weapons in general.

Weapons do a lot more damage. This mod is best used with my other Overhauls, that center around "realism/Immersion."
Weapon crafting got changed quite a bit. Weapons do now have more stuff to add/mod. (The new mods do only Change stats.)
I separated Muzzle and Bayonet Slots. Yes you can now mount both silencers and bayonets.

The Non Vanilla weapon plugin contains the R91, M2216 and WH-77 Modular LSW. Non Vanilla weapons are added to the leveled lists so both raiders and Gunners should sometimes be equiped with them.

- Receivers and Calibers are now two different mod slots, allowing for a lot more combination

- Bayonets and muzzles are now two different mod slots allowing for both a muzzle and bayonet to be equiped at
the same time

- If a weapon is automatic or not is now decided by a different modslot, allowing for more weapon variation

- Added additional mods that affect a weapons stats, from switching the hunting rifles bolt,
the miniguns engine to changing Laser rifles focusing lenses.

- Weapon damage is mostly affected by Calliber, weapons with the same calliber have very similar damage values

- Calliber .50 MINIGUN

- Slower reloads for all weapons, decreased the reload speed even further the larger the magazine.

- Higher weapon damages accross the board,

- Melee weapons attack about 50% faster and do twice at much damage.

- Rebalanced explosives, they do all more damage, the Fatman is a monster now, Missiles fly much faster and have less
splash but a lot more impact damage, simulating heat missiles.

- Most weapons have greatly reduced weight, to more realistic proportions.

- And more to come, feel free to suggest ideas, I am happy to hear them

If you use the Non-Vanilla weapons patch, do deactivate the esp,s that come with the original weapon mod.
Else there will be dublicates of the gun, which only one of them containing my changes.

M2216 Rifle Credits: 
ff7cloudstrife and the thespaceman0915.

R91 Assault Rifle Credits:
philip92dk, CevCon, undyne777, arby26, beaverdog, Mythos214, Sam Fisher,
 and ff7cloudstrife.

WH-77 Modular L.S.W Credits: skibadaa

REMEBER this is WIP. Feedback would be much appretiated.
(Weapons still missing: Flamer, Cryolator and Combat shotgun)