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Alternative satellite maps for the base game & DLC's.

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This mod retextures the 3 in game maps and turns them into highly detailed satellite maps.
These are lighter in color, cleaner and fit together better then the ones that are currently available for the game.
Not knocking them, they are great in their own way, this is just an alternative.

They are generated with fo76utils in 8k resolution, resized to 4k resolution for the mod.
They are slightly color corrected on brightness and contrast.
No grid lines or borders for a cleaner in game look.

There will be various variants available for different mod setups done by DoubleYou.
If anyone else is interested in making variants of the maps, pm me and we can talk.

A configuration file is included that fixes some general issues related to the Pip-Boy and the maps.
The necessary line disables FX to allow color on the Pip-Boy screen.
The other lines cause the screen to not look washed out, and puts the Pip-Boy screen distance in a much more comfortable place.
These are some INI tweaks that I have personally used for years, and they will improve your experience with the Pip-Boy.

Download with any mod manager.
No requirements.

They are simple textures, so it works with every Pip-Boy mod out there.
I tested it on the Pip-Pad, Pip-Boy 3000A, Pip-Boy 2000 & Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI. See pictures.

If you got an issue, check the Questions section below before commenting.

The goal
The goal is to provide an alternative to the already available satellite world maps.
I personally did not like that they were not uniform. Different colors, grid lines and borders.
I wanted something cleaner and more uniform, and that's what these are.

No color
Another mod or config file is overwriting the "bPipboyDisableFX=1" line.

Everything is compatible except for other texture map mods.

For the tool and help in generating the world maps.
fo76utils tool

Map Variants:
Angled, Another Pine Forest Mod, Boston Natural Surroundings, Luxor's Summer, Xander's Aid, Winter

For use of assets in the creation of the Luxor's Summer maps.

For use of assets in the creation of the Xander's Aid maps.

For use of assets in the creation of the Another Pine Forest Mod maps.

For use of assets in the creation of the Boston Natural Surroundings maps.