Fallout 4

About this mod

A green Environment Overhaul which turns your Game into a green Beauty. now with parallax ground textures.

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Luxor's Summer.

210 years after the Bombs fell, Nature is taking back what was once hers.

A green Environment Overhaul which turns your Game into a green Beauty.
Enjoy a high Quality Environment and stunning Visuals.

This Mod covers the Main Game, Nuka World and Far Harbor.
No broken Precombines because this Mod adds only new LOD Meshes and Textures and
therefore Performance friendly.

Since Fallout 4 Seasons Summer is gone from Nexus i decided to make my own Summer Overhaul
and the Result is damn good looking. I hope you all like it as much as i do.

What's included:
New High Quality Tree and Ground Textures, new and recolored Plants and new Grass Textures.
Parallax Ground Textures.
New ultra Quality HD Tree LOD Textures.
New Far Harbor 3D Tree LOD Models.
Pre-generated High Quality Objects, Trees, Terrain LOD Meshes and Textures.
TexGen was also used to create perfect matching LOD Textures for the Environment.
Therefore no need to run FO4 LODGen and TexGen.

Grasslands 2.0 Pre-Release 1
Far Object LOD Improvement Project.

Additionally Splash of Pine Trees for the other Version.

Highly recommended:
FO4 HD Overaul


1. install Luxor's Summer.
2. install Grasslands 2.0 Pre-Release 1 and then delete the Grass Texture Folder from your Game.
Folder path: data/textures/landscape/grass.
3. install Far Object LOD Improvement Project 4.0.
Choose I will NOT use TexGen and
I will NOT generate LOD.
Just install the necessary mods and do nothing more.
I've already done everything else for you.

load order should look like this:

Colors may vary. Depends on your ENB Preset.
Have Fun with it.

All Pics were made with LUXORs ENB and NAC X.

Thank you for choosing my Summer Mod.

Satellite World Maps for Luxor's Summer available here:

- New Trees show up but not at distance.
  you have another Mod running who overwrites my Mod.
  correct your load order.
- i still have vanilla Trees at distance.
  you have loose files installed which overwrites my Mod.
  delete all of them.

Q and A:
Q: it's too colorful for my taste.
A: Then don't use it or install a ENB and set the Colors to your taste.
Q: Will be another season available in the Future?
A: Maybe a Autumn Version.

DoubleYouC for the Far Harbor 3D Tree LOD models.
check out his awesome work:
Trsdib LOD textures - link to his excellent work: