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F4SE Papyrus extender that adds new utilities for mod authors

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What's this?
  • This is an F4SE plugin that adds a fair amount of new functions to Papyrus. These range from data manipulation such as getting or setting internal values, to utility functions that open up advanced maths, conversion between different types, or otherwise accessing data that is not normally not available e.g. animation length and progress.
  • Currently, this plugin only provides new functions. New Papyrus events will come later once I learn how to create those.

Maintained by the Community!
  • Because no one likes to have dozens of requirements for their mods - especially when the requirements are frameworks that just sit there - this plugin is a collaborative effort by talented mod authors. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so via the GitHub repository. The goal for this is to have everything in one place to avoid cases where multiple plugins or forks of the same plugin do the same thing.


What's Inside
  • There are currently 187 new functions added. The full list can be found in the Index page in the Independent Fallout Wiki.
  • New function requests can be made through the Forum post to make the request visible to everyone
  • Bug reports should be detailed with reproduction info and snippets of code that causes the bugs
  • Since some of the data exposed by the plugin can only be modified via manual plugin edits, the game might reset any changes made when a save is loaded or game is restarted. This is done for performance reasons by Bethesda and isn't a bug with the plugin


Credits and Stuff
Me, myself and I:
  • You can leave comments in the Posts tab to ask me about whatever
  • Best way to get a quick response is to find me in the MAIM Hub Discord server

Big thanks to:
  • Olly for the logo. Commission him so that he can buy kebabs
  • GreslinGames Discord server for suggestions, encouragement, testing, and more
  • Bingle for helping me with getting started and guidance
  • Snapdragon for reverse-engineering help, code review, and contributing to the list of functions
  • powerofthree for letting me port stuff from his plugins
  • Random Skyrim and New Vegas plugins that I used to steal ideas from
  • Ryan for the incredible CommonLibF4
  • eclix for helping me get massive gains in the gym

  • You can find the source code on GitHub where you can contribute to the plugin.
  • This is my first plugin so expect to see bad code that just works. Feel free to fix it for me <3