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A new ballistic system and injury system..

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Gunfighter Framework is the successor to Survivalist First Aid. 

Gunfighter Framework aims to be the most compatible out of the box, gun battle, injury and healing system. 

This system will allow you and NPC’s to shoot through walls and hard surfaces making use of Real Time Penetration Framework from jojosmo (not required to be downloaded and is included in this mod).  

Along with being able to shoot through walls and objects this system comes with new gameplay mechanisms. Costly bleeding if you choose not to wear bullet proof armor. Utilizing Fallout 4 Vanilla Keyword system Gunfighter Framework will apply bleeding effects to NPC’s and the player. Based on the injuries you receive you will be required to use different healing items to stop the bleeding and restore health.  This system applies to ballistic weapons, plasma weapons, fire based weapons and explosions. 

Now gun battles are dangerous and can kill you quickly if you are hit or caught in an explosion.  


This mod requires all the major DLC's

This mod relies on Immersive Animation Framework to make use of the healing animations. 

Wounding System

When engaged in combat two systems are at play. One for NPC’s and one for the player.

The NPC system is semi impact aware. Meaning if you shoot an npc in the arm, or leg a bleed effect will be applied to the hit limb. If you perform a critical hit on an NPC a Critical Bleed effect will be applied to the hit limb.  

Critical hits out of vats mod is recommended but not required https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12653

The second system is just for the player, it is fully impact aware and will apply a unique bleed effect to player when hit with ballistic weapons. When crippled by any object Ie Melee, falling, laser weapon, negative effects are added to the player that need to be managed.  

How are the two systems different? The NPC system assumes that the NPC has full health and full limb health when they engage in combat, with the player or with other NPC’s. The player system will check limb health, and player health at the start of every combat engagement and does not require the player to be fully healed to compare against reducing values indicating impacts. 

Limbs will not heal themself when combat is completed, you must either sleep or using a medical item to restore limbs. 

There is also an out of the box system to simulate ballistic armor. Any armor that uses Keywords like ArmorBodyPartHead ArmorBodyPartChest ArmorBodyPartHands or power armor keywords will provide damage reduction against ballistic weapon keywords. As well as preventing bleed effects from smaller caliber firearms. 

Small caliber bullets like 10mm .32  .38 will be stopped by soft armor, and limb based armor.

“Vermin” caliber 5.56 762 308 will be stopped by Chest armor, helmets and All PA armor

Larger Firearms like 50 cal and 2mm Gauss Rifle will punch through most armor, and Power Armor. 

Each of the 3 categories have their own bleed rate; larger calibers will have larger bleeding effects.  

Some animals will apply bleeding effects on melee attacks, IE dogs and deathclaws (Assuming they did not already have there own hit effects)

Ballistic System

Each vanilla projectile now has a small invisible explosion that applies an enchantment effect and will apply the bleed effect. The Bleed Effect is compared against the NPC or players armor keywords. If the armor is insufficient it will apply a bleeding effect and the weapons normal full damage.  If the blocking keyword is found the bleed effect is not applied and the player will take less damage. 

Healing items

Bandages are used to stop minor bleeds and restore player health as well as limb health, so long as the limb is not crippled. 

Compression bandages and Headwraps are used to stop bleeds to the head, and restore head condition.

Chest Seals are used to heal the players chest and stop critical bleeds to chest. 

Splints are used to restore arm and leg conditions.

Surgery kits are used to restore ALL limb conditions

First Aid kits are used to stop all bleeding serious or minor. 

Tourniquets are used to stop bleeding damage to the limbs. 

Painkillers and Ibuprofen are used to treat pain effects and heal limbs health, they heal faster and a larger percentage of limb health than bandages. 

Stimpaks no longer heal limbs/fix crippled limbs, they will not stop bleeding effects they simply provide you with a healing effect, very effective when in combat and can not treat bleeding effects right then and there, they will buy you time to seek cover and treat your wounds.

In normal mode all healing items are craftable via chembench. I have also included a field crafting system, the player can take scavenge items in their inventory and craft improvised healing items on the fly, in the field, no chembench required. 

All healing items can be found in containers, doctors, chem dealers, and select venders and on killed human npc’s. 

Items are added to loot tables via scripts. 

Healing for NPC

Stimpak use on npc’s appear to be hardcoded into the game  (if you have information otherwise please contact me), as such they cure all bleeding effects and broken limbs/crippled limbs for any NPC you can stimpak via the action button. IE companions. NPCs with stimpaks in their inventory will use them like normal and will heal limbs and bleeding effects. NPC may also use the unique healing items in their inventory if a stimpak is not in their inventory. However it is not reliable enough to nuke stimpaks as sometimes they will choose to bleed out and die over using a heal item on themselves. 

** NOTE I would love to be able to make a system where the player would have to apply a TQ splint and chest seal to a companion in a bleedout state, however the quick action of “Stimpak” appears to overtake everything else when they are in a bleedout state. If anyone has any information as to how the game handles stimpak use please contact me.  **

Optional features 

NPC bloodpool effect

If it can bleed a small blood pool will appear shortly after a npc is killed. This option is on by default. The placed item will clean itself up when you leave the area. It can look a little strange if the body lands on stairs as fo4 has no fluid mechanism. This option can be shut off via the supplies holotape. 

Headshot kills if not wearing a helmet

If you or a NPC are not wearing a helmet that uses ArmorBodyPartHead you will instantly die. This will work on smaller animals as well. 

Operator Mode

This is the hardcore version for this mod and has some game play changes over normal mode. 
The player will not be able to craft pre-war healing items at the chembench all prewar healing items (other than stimpaks) will be removed from the player inventory. The player will only be able to craft improvised versions of healing items at the chembench. The player will need to scavenge for pre-war healing items, buy them or loot them. 

The bleeding effects that are applied to limbs are now unique.  

Each healing item is only able to remove 1 bleeding effect the player is experiencing. If they have multiple limb bleeds they will need to use multi TQ’s or bandages to stop/slow the bleeding. The player is only able to experience one bleed per limb and the effect does not stack to help balance out the game play. 

 Same goes for crippled limbs, If they have more then one crippled leg/arm multiple splints will be needed to heal the players limbs.


This mod should be out of the box compatible with all ballistic modded firearms, as long as they do not use their own PROJECTILE entry. If they do, you will have to change it to use a vanilla projectile. 

This Mod also makes changes to some vanilla explosions. As such True Frags will be incompatible without a patch. However this mod does exactly what True Frags does and generates projectiles on denination so it is not required. 

Armor mods should be out of the box compatible, as long as the mod author included the vanilla armor keyword on their armor  ArmorBodyPartHead, ArmorBodyPartChest, ArmorBodyPartHands, ArmorBodyPartFeet. OR the clothing base armor (Slot 36) has the ability to put on ballistic weave.  If your favorite armor mod is missing those keywords, 10 seconds in fo4edit will fix that.

Load up fo4edit with the modded armor find the armor entry add the keyword to for the respective part to the armor and ensure it is using the correct slots. 

ArmorBodyPartHead for helmets make sure it uses slot 30, ArmorBodyPartChest for chests it must use Slot 41, ArmorBodyPartHands for arms using Slot 42 or Slot 43, ArmorBodyPartFeet for leg armor  Slot 44 or Slot 45. You now have ballistic protection. 

These are default fo4 Keywords and can be added to your modded armor with no added dependencies and no negative effects and no need for a patch, they can be added directly to the modded armors ESP/ESL.

Some vanilla armor entries were edited to remove those keywords from armor that should not have ballistic properties, IE DC guard armor, or Leather Armor. As such if you use crafting mods that make changes to vanilla armor (ArmorKeywords, Armorsmith Extended)  YOU will need to make patches for them and add back in those 3rd party keywords if you want to use those mods features on default fo4 armor.  

Most Vanilla Melee weapons that have a cutting edge were edited to add bleed effect on melee hits. Example, Rippers combat knife. If you have mods that make changes to those weapons YOU may need a patch, if you have new melee weapons that you want to add bleed effects to  YOU would need a patch. I focused on ballistic combat, and the melee effects are a “value added” feature and may or may not get some more advanced support later on not requiring patching.  

Mods that make changes to the projectile entries in Fo4 will be incompatible without a patch. IE Weapons of fate, some tracer mods if they make changes to how often they appear. Check fo4 edit to be sure. 

Wasteland ballistics, MIAM, Agony WITH Survivalist first aid will all be incompatible as they do similar things as this mod with their own balance and system.

If you want to use healing items from hardcore needs mods like AGONY Advance needs 2 or Hardcore mod on, to heal Gunfighter bleeds or effects YOU will need to make patches for them. 


How is this mod different than BLD/MIAM/AGONY/Wasteland Ballistics?

All of those mods and this one do similar things, they just function differently and have different balances. For example Agony has disease built into its mechanics of the mod Gunfighter does not. MIAM emulates Tarkov style healing, whereas Gunfighter is its own system and style.  

Gunfighter Framework was built with the goal of having the least amount of patching possible, and to work with the most amount of gun/armor mods possible. If patching is needed I want it to be the least intrusive way by using default Fo4/Vanilla Keywords. Gunfighter makes no changes to AbLegendaryCreatureItem or the PlayerPerk.

I have used other systems before and  made mods for them. I have enjoyed them, however they were not 100% what I wanted, balance wise or mechanic wise. I encourage you to try them out and choose whatever one fits closest to what you want and your play style, they are all great mods. 

Do I need to play this in survival mod?

No Gunfighter Framework does not require you to play in survival mode, but you can if you want to, this mod does not depend on playing in survival mode, or make use of any “Hardcore needs mod”. There is nothing in this mod that would prevent you from using it in Survival mod, or with any “hardcore needs mod”. 


Agony healing animations have been utilized for several healing items.

Thank you to meysamkhr for the use of his Agony animations and jump off point for this mod. You can check out the original mod here. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25600

Agony is NOT required to enjoy Gunfighter Framework.

Thank you to GloriousWarrior/AnotherOne for allowing me to use Agony animation fixes Original mod found here.


Agony Animation fix is NOT required and included in this mod.

Thank you to JoJosmo for allowing me to use and include  Real Time Penetration Framework 


Realtime Penetration Framework is not required to be installed as it is included in this mod. IF you have other mods that require it. Leave the standalone framework in your mod. 

Thank you to Payl0ad for use allowing the community to use Medical Asset Pack  


Medical Asset Pack is NOT required and is included. 

 Mesh texture and all files from Medical Asset Pack are free to use for everyone under the conditions of CC-BY-SA 4.0