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A modders resource featuring 10 medical items.

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This is a pack of 10 medical items that I made as an extension to a different mod. I figured I might as well release them as a resource for others, as the Creative Commons license requires me to anyway.

The items have varying texture sizes, some have been taken with permission from sketchfab.com, some are mashups and texture edits of base game assets. For more detailed information about each asset, see the "permissions" section. The assets have been pieced together using the Blender -> OutfitStudio -> NifSkope workflow, which means their collision meshes and physics properties have been donated by base game meshes (for example, TacticalAidKit.nif has the collision/physics data from the "Bread Box" junk item) and are thus somewhat inaccurate. You can of course regenerate these if you have appropriate tooling (which I do not).

The plugin has a debug box sitting on a table in the QASmoke cell ("coc QASmoke" in console) for you to check the items out in game. They are currently non functional of course. This is meant for you to build your own medicine / health management mod with.

Enjoy and have fun!