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Adds a selection of new content to the various wasteland factions.

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A note about lore and immersion - Everyone's play style is different. Some enjoy wacky content, others like their gritty darkness, some prefer the classic spirit of Fallout. The content in this mod covers the whole spectrum, but in order to find the more 'unimmersive' content, you actively have to build it yourself. You will not come across strange robotic mice, spider artillery or wizard androids just walking around the Commonwealth. Your lore is safe unless you break it yourself. Happy playing!


Well, I'll level with you. This mod started as a collection of 'huh, I wonder if that would work?' concepts. Then a few more. Then a few more. Then I made a vague effort to get this random collection into the world space, packed it up and here we are. So yeah...FACTION REINFORCEMENTS.

Ok then, so we have:

The Brotherhood of Steel.
- Centurions: The natural progression from Power Armour, these heavy behemoths are walking tanks. Armed with combi-lasers and large hydraulic fists, these units are called in by signal grenades (spawning on BOS soldiers from level 30), dropping from high flying vertibirds (so high that you can't see them, that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it).
- Vertihawk Gunship: The big brother to the Vertibird, they forego transport capacity for weaponry. Armed to the teeth with powerful cannons and missile launchers, these are not to be trifled with. Again summoned by signal grenade found on high level BOS soldiers.

The Institute.
- Biomass collectors: Why, where did you think the raw material for all those Gen 3 synths came from? Generic red goop? Nope, it has to be gathered from somewhere! Biomass collectors are teleported to the surface with synth forces to harvest fauna from the wasteland, and once their storage container is full they are returned so that it can then be broken down, purified and reconstituted for Institute use. Big and a bit cumbersome, but not to be underestimated. Found where you would normally find synths in the wasteland.

-Ahahahaha, what do you do for a faction with so few personnel? These reinforcements are designed more for Railroad players to use, and can be found around the Old North Church (where you first find the Railroad HQ). Spoilers are in the photos.

- Mobile Artillery Unit: Well it's not subtle. These can be built in your settlements once you have discovered the Artillery Blueprints in the Minutemen Questline, and will require significant resources and Intelligence perks in order to build.

-Raider Mechs: Heavy duty loaders and mining vehicles which survived the apocalypse and have since been repurposed by Raider gangs in industrial areas. Most dangerous at close quarters.

Gunner APU: Clunkier than Power Armour but still dangerous, these Armoured Personnel Units carry heavy armaments and can be found in areas of significance to the Gunners.

...yeah. I did this one on a whim. Head to the Wilsons Atomotoys Corporate HQ and behind a locked door near the top is an office with a terminal-locked door. Behind you will find your new best friend. And I make no apologies for it's voice or the complete disregard for the lore.

A few things I guess:
- Balance - There is none. The new enemies added equate roughly to their in-game counterparts (for example the Biomass collector has roughly the same stats as a Hermit crab). The Vertihawk is OP, but for all I know you might find them all a pushover depending on your load order.
- Compatibility - No idea. This adds enemy spawns to certain external cells and edits a levelled list for BOS weapon spawns. There are more load orders than there are stars in the sky, can't really allow for all of them.
- I haven't seen any of the new content! - Apologies. Implementation is tricky and I couldn't find guides as to how to properly implement enemies beyond just dropping them into cells. If you're that desperate use an esp-explorer or spawn some in via the console for funsies.
These are just quirky editions, not an overhaul.

- XBOX? - Eventually, I tend to see if there's anything game breaking before I go through the rigmaroll or uploading to XBOX, so please be patient.