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This mod adds a brand new Synth Power Armor to the game. The armor is highly customizable and has a lot of different add-ons and variants, with unique stats, effects, and appearance.

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This mod adds a brand new Synth Power Armor to the game. The armor is highly customizable and has a lot of different add-ons and variants, with unique stats, effects, and appearance. This Power Armor is a result of the collaboration of me (Tumbajamba) and RedLeviathan, who did a top-notch job implementing over 70 hand-forged meshes into the game and creating a real mod out of them with CK and  FO4edit!  


There are 5 variants for torso, arms and legs armor pieces. While the helmet has only 2 armor add-on upgrades (Medium & Heavy)
  • Armor Add-on "Ancile". This armor add-on is geared towards conventional combat with ballistic weaponry.
  • Armor Add-on "Vigar". This armor add-on is designed to fight more advanced adversaries with energy weapons.
  • Armor Add-on "Svalinn". This armor add-on used mostly for area with radio active materials.
  • Armor Add-on "Evalach". Further development of Ancile and Vigar models, with combined power to withstand ballistic and energy assaults.
  • Armor Add-on "Akshaya". A special Armor add-on with better build and shocks, intended to move a large number of objects.

There are some uniques
  • Unique Torso "Aegis". A further developed Evalach model, provides protection to the upper torso and reflects damage back to attacker.
  • Unique Arms "Tarnkappe". Akhsaya model with attached Stealth Boy, for clandestine operations.
  • Unique Torso "Diver". An early developed torso armor add-on, intended for under water operations.
  • Unique set "Conductor". A unique set of Synth PA that was acquired and modified by the Railroad. The set material increases the chance of the user to hide in shadows.
  • Unique Torso "Hermes". A special torso model that has advanced circuitry and mechanical design to increase the speed and jump height of the user, regardless of the type of Power Armor legs.

The legendary chest piece Pale Rider's Aegis

The unique chest piece Synth Diver and Legendary Tarnkappe's Arms

The unique set Conductor

The unique chest piece Hermes

The helmet also has several upgrades. These upgrades are in fact standard mods, but I added special meshes and special armor slots for them. This means some of the standard mods can be applied on top of the other, unlike vanilla Power Armor helmet. Furthermore, I added two custom Jet Packs, the standard white-red color and black-red. Wait.. there is more. I added extra pouches that can be applied to the torso armor, this will increase carry weight. I know we are all collectors at heart.


I really recommend installing it through the Vortex Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2. The installation wizard guides you through the steps, and it minimizes the potential for future errors.

How to get the armor and upgrades

The concept of this mod is to motivate the player to invest time and resources into upgrading and customizing the armor. Therefore the basic Synth Power Armor is less advanced, and optically very simple version of the Power Armor. Then, you have to upgrade to have Synth Power Armor in full power.

Inside Lexington Pharmacy, an unmarked location in Lexington, there is a rogue synth who somehow has this understanding of crafting complex Synth Power Armor mods. You can buy various mods from him, be warned, his price is exorbitant. A special workbench is located in the pharmacy, use it to craft the basic version of Synth Power Armor.

Unfortunately there is no Power Armor Workbench in the pharmacy. You can find one in nearby Red Rocket Station. The merchant also does not sell any Power Armor frame. And, please do not kill the Rogue Synth, I know his outfit is so nice... remember he is your fellow man, even though he is a Synth and a rude one.

Other location to get the Power Armor is in Institute FEV Lab, you will find it during certain main Fallout 4 questline.

The Conductor Synth Power Armor is located in Railroad HQ. While modifying the set, Tinker Tom managed to get another set of Arms, he buffed the metal plating increasing the armor rating.

There is a pair of Hermes armors. One is stolen by Chase, a former Courser, while she was escaping from the Institute. The Power Armor was almost destroyed, but luckily the advanced machinery in the torso armor survived. It is now abandoned somewhere outside of Acadia. The other Hermes armor is located somewhere inside Sandy Coves Convalescent Home. It is unknown how the armor piece managed to move to the nursing facility.

Known Issues & Compatibility

Fallout 4 Engine limitations, bugs & potential conflicts
  • During crafting with Power Armor Workbench, if you select an armor add-on, then select another, the previous armor add-on does not disappear. This will make a mix armor add-ons. Just make sure you know which armor add-on you want to create and apply that to the armor piece. Disregard the mixed display, the armor add-on will be corrected when you enter the Power Armor frame.
  • Sometime after crafting an attached item, such as Jet Pack, it is possible the item was attached sideways or floating. If this happened, save your game, exit game, re-enter the game and reload. The item will be attached properly.
  • Headlamps and Torso-lamps sometime do not work properly or attached in different part of the body. As the issue with attached items, this issue can be fixed by save the game, exit the game, re-enter and reload. However, if these lamps issue persists, then you have node ID conflict with other mod. This mod was tested to work with lots of other Power Armor mods, but we never know, some mods might conflict.
  • The Diver and Conductor armors uses torso slot, therefore it is possible to wear a Power Armor helmet inside it. This will clip the armor. You're not supposed to wear a helmet inside the armor, other than Synth Diver Pilot Helmet.
  • As this mod uses vanilla interior cells, it is possible there is a conflict with other mod that uses the cells. This mod modifies Lexington Pharmacy, Institute FEV Lab, Railroad HQ & Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.
  • This mod is developed without AWKCR, so... don't use it.

Tools used

  • NifSkope
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • CK
  • FO4Edit


  • You are free to reuse, retexture, remesh the models in your fallout 4 mod projects, just give me proper credit and make a proper dependency if you want to use the meshes!
  • If you are using my assets for earning donation points, don't forget to share ;-)


  • Special thanks to RedLeviathan for creating the ESP file.
  • Special thanks to Tigra774 & WICKEDCLOWN285 for creating head and torso lamps.
  • Special thanks to ChillyPencil for creating presentation images.
  • Special thanks to Cerebus01 for creating presentation images.
  • Special thanks to FOAN for creating presentation images.
  • Special thanks to Ragnarr1313 for helping troubleshoot some issues.
  • Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me and using my mods!

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