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An alternative way for a silent protagonist. Mutes the player voice using an .esp plugin file. The plugin lowers the volume of the sound category for player voice to 0.

Permissions and credits
This mod is in beta stage and was made using FO4edit 3.1.3 EXPERIMENTAL.

Enjoy with discretion and endorse if you feel like it, thanks!

Simple, alternative, way for silent protagonist.

In short, this mod mutes the player voice using an .esp plugin file. The plugin lowers the volume of the sound category for player voice to 0. This approach differs from other mods at the time of writing, read below for more information.

While other mods introduce alternate sound files and/or make the character messages very short by changing sound type, this mod instead shows the full length of all player character voiced dialogue (when subtitles are enabled) and do not touch any sound files/types.

Using this mod you will experience the natural length of any voiced dialogue by the player while still hearing no voice. In dialogue camera you will see the character lip sync without hearing any actual voice.

With the above in mind, this mod is useful in conjunction the Full Dialogue Interface mod or if you do want the amount your player character moves his/her mouth when speaking using dialogue camera to reflect that of actual speech.

I have no video on for comparison of this yet but am considering making one if the difference is not clear. This is a very simple mod and is also included since version 0.6 in my other mod SCDC (if you are using this already then this mod is unnecessary) which I also recommend using along with the most excellent Full Dialogue Interface

If this is not your preferred way of hearing no player character voice I recommend one of the two following mods: NoPlayerVoice by adriant1978 or Silence is Golden - Silent Protagonists by VladiMatt.

Known Issues or Bugs

There are no known issues or bugs at this point in time. 

This mod is made using an early release of FO4edit 3.1.3 EXPERIMENTAL as well as altering modified records (compared to previous Bethesda games) and should thus be treated with the appropriate caution, as in all cases when using mods that change records using FO4Edit at this time.

Please report any bugs or requests for improvements on the nexus mods page using either the bug report feature or the comments section. Thanks!


  1. Make sure you are up to date with how to enable mods for Fallout 4. Gophers instructions are elementary for this.
  2. Install the mod using the FOMOD-installer (automatic) or just place the .esp plugin file in your Data folder.
  3. Make sure the included .esp plugin file is ticked in your mod manager of choice or the Fallout 4 launcher.
  4. Enjoy and please report any bugs.


  1. Uninstall in your mod manager of choice (automatic) or simply remove the included .esp plugin file (manual) from your Data folder.


  - 0.1, 2015/12/18 - Initial beta release made using FO4edit 3.1.3 EXPERIMENTAL.

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You can do whatever you want with this mod, no permissions needed, all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. It's not a requirement however. Sharing is caring! ~KhaoMaat


Compatible and currently no known issues with Fallout 4 VR as confirmed by CrysKilljoy.

If you tried the mod and liked it please consider endorsing.

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