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This mod adds in a set of armour that functions almost exactly like a set of power armour -- including Pain Train support, footsteps, impact landing, and nearly all mods -- except it's an exoskeleton and looks like a regular set of armour.

Also intended to be used as a framework for other modders looking to easily create similar sets.

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This mod is a rebuild/reworking of gabgone's excellent TALOS Exoskeleton at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com), with direct permission. The TALOS II set itself was built by him, using assets he had permission to use. The only contributions I have made to the meshes are in the Planetary Excursion Suit and Helmet, which are basically just merges/slight morphing of his suit, and the vanilla hazmat suit.

Here are the credits for the assets of the suit itself, copied directly from his page.


Now, time for credits! None of the mod is my original concept: All meshes and textures that have been used are are from modders or the vanilla game.
Basically, I've player lego with triangles....

Hi res T60 and T45 texture by dpillari from his Hi-Res packs, edited by me.

The vest and all the pouches are from MSV Mod by Cerruti 1889, models by Teddyoleg. I edited exsiting models and gave different bone weights.
Thanks Goodfellas!

Marine boots from neagoe's excellent fix.

While my mod technically makes gabgone's mod redundant in terms of the features it adds, I still recommend heading over and giving the original a download. I'll talk about the differences now in the next section.


Although I think the design is great and respect it a lot, I've never really been a fan of power armour in Fallout 4 (or any of the other games too, for that matter). I don't like how large the frames are and how they pretty grossly distort and stretch the characters' bodies in order to make them fit; and, as a lifelong hater of pauldrons, none of the sets have ever appealed to me aesthetically. That being said, there are still a lot of things I really do like about it, especially with the changes that Fallout 4 brought: the heaviness of the footsteps, the custom HUD, all of the extensive modifications you can make, the impact landing, and especially the feeling of sending dudes flying with Pain Train!

I waited for a long time to see if anyone would ever figure out how to edit the meshes of the power armour frame to address the anatomical distortion, or at the very least slim them down. Well, it's been six, going on seven years now, and no one seems to have done anything, and so I've decided to just bite the proverbial bullet and do it myself. 

This mod, as the name suggests, is my attempt at improving upon the excellent foundation created by gabgone with their "TALOS Exoskeleton" project. This mod offers -- to my knowledge, at least -- the first attempt at bringing over much of the functionality and visuals of power armour to a non-power armour set. This is intended both as a standalone armour set; and as a reference framework for other modders who may be interested in doing this. I sure hope to see more people take advantage of this. (And what I really hope is that someone figures out how to use the PA HUD with a non-PA helmet...)

Four "new" pieces of armour have been added. These are:

  • TALOS II Exoskeleton Frame. A lightweight frame, with no armour, that boosts the user's strength and carrying capacity considerably. No other benefits.
  • TALOS II Exoskeleton. Based off of the T-45's stats, offers incredible hauling capabilities at the cost of some deferred resistances. Provides a considerable boost in strength, carry weight, and energy/damage/radiation resistance. Weights 75 pounds without any modifications. Can be worn with any piece of clothing that has the Underarmor tag applied to it. Does not include the helmet.
  • TALOS II-X Planetary Excursion Suit. A modified version of the TALOS-II, designed for carrying a whole lot of stuff... in space(???). The exoskeleton has been built on top of the vanilla hazmat suit, which provides incredible radiation resistance when paired with the helmet below. 

The Exoskeleton Frame, introduced in update 1.1, is a stripped-down unarmoured frame for those who just want the aesthetic and strength-boosting benefits of an exoskeleton without any of the power armour functionality. This version supports leg, arm, and jump boost modifications (see below for details on what these are), but otherwise offers mediocre defence and no hazard resistance.

The TALOS II Exoskeleton and the II-X Planetary Excursion Suit, on the other hand, function very similarly to power armour.

  • When moving around, there will be heavy footsteps (which, if you use a mod like P.A.M.S - Power Armor Movement Sounds at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com), will carry over to this mod too). 
  • Complete immunity from fall damage.
  • And with that, a fully functional impact landing! I highly recommend Pain Train And Impact Landing - Buffed And Reworked at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) for buffing both the impact landing, and...
  • Pain Train! This mod adds a new keyword for "power armour lite" (PA_lite) into the Pain Train spell entry, which allows the player to benefit fully from the mod while wearing the exoskeleton. Unlike other mods though which enable Pain Train with or without power armour, this mod properly disables the perk's effects once the player is not wearing the exoskeleton.
  • Extremely slow swimming. I haven't found out a way to make the player sink to the bottom yet like you do in power armour, but the closest I could do -- which gabgone deserves full credit for -- is significantly slow down the player's speed while swimming.
  • Very good damage and radiation resistance, just slightly below the T-45 full set (see below for more details on this). 


Each of them can be crafted at the Chemistry Station under the Utility section. I've made the initial requirements pretty steep in an attempt to pace things out for people playing at near-vanilla tempo.

  • The Exoskeleton requires a full set of Combat Armour, the limbs of the T-45 set, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous components. 
  • The Planetary Excursion Suit requires the Exoskeleton (and consumes it upon being built), a hazmat suit (the repaired one, not the damaged one) and a bunch of components.

What makes this mod distinct is that each piece of the suit has unique, standalone versions of each of the power armour modifications. Modifications are split between:

  • Arms. Rusty Knuckles, Tesla Bracers, etc. 
  • Legs. Calibrated shocks, Overdrive Servos, etc. NOTE: Explosive Vent, which increases the damage radius of the impact landing, works! 
  • Torso. Core assembly, Stealth Boy, etc.
  • Helmet. Recon Sensors, Rad Scrubbers, etc. NOTE: No headlamp options. There are too many good flashlight mods out there for me to figure out how to attach a headlamp to a giant glass dome visor.
  • Material. Photovoltaic Coating, Prism Shielding, etc. NOTE: No paint options, for fairly obvious reasons. Also no lining upgrades: I figured they would be too overpowered.
  • Jump Assist. This is new, as a means of compensating for the lack of jetpack (more on this note in a moment). The player can install a number of attachments which alter the jump height, from between no alteration (1x) to a very high (8x) jump that allows you to clear nearly all single-story buildings effortlessly. It works really well to set up the impact landings too.

Here's a video demonstration of all the modifications. (NOTE: This video is now out-of-date. All the original modifications shown here are still available, although the visuals and various effects are subject to change with updates.)


There are a number of mods that I strongly recommend pairing with this one for full effect. Here they are, in no particular order:


Every part of everything that I make that's not explicitly using another author's assets is free to use in any context, with or without credit. You don't have to ask me for permission, although if you're working on something interesting and want to bring it to my attention, I'm always interested in seeing what other people are working on.