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Replaces vanilla PA on NPCs with TALOS Exoskeletons!

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I always liked spncryn’s reworked TALOS Exoskeletons, mostly because of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. flavor it adds to Fallout 4.

After seeing there were no mods on the Nexus to replace vanilla Power Armor (Because let’s be honest, everyone is thinking it), I
managed to slap around xEdit enough to create a functional replacer, at least until someone else does it better.



Creates custom leveled lists that replace Power Armor spawns on Brotherhood, Gunner, and Raider NPCs with TALOS exoskeletons.

NPCs will be rocking Exoskeleton Frames over their usual faction clothing and armor instead of Power Armor. 


Use Mod Organizer, for the love of God.


Replaces leveled lists for NPCs that spawn with Power Armor with lists containing spncryn’s exoskeletons.

Exoskeletons have been changed to occupy slot 54; unused in the base game to allow you (and the NPCs) to wear whatever you want under it.

Anything that tries to edit Power Armor spawns on NPCs will conflict, or just be overridden by my mod if placed lower in the Load Order.

Does not touch Power Armor placed in the world, like in the Prydwen. 


spncryn: For his overhauled TALOS Exoskeleton Redux mod.

gabgone: For the original mod.

Bethesda: For Fallout 4, buggy mess that it is.