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Removes the jetpack action point cost, and boosts horizontal movement speed by 250%, turning the jetpack into a fast travel alternative and gap closer during melee combat.

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In addition to removing the jetpack's action point cost, this mod uses F4SE to detect when the player is using a jetpack, and applies a 250% movement speed boost, turning it into a terrific fast travel alternative and a gap closer during melee combat. Vertical thrust has been tweaked slightly to make hovering and horizontal flight easier.

As of version 1.1, a configuration holotape is included. Go to a chem station and, under "Utility", craft the "-Jetpack Overhaul-" item. Loading the holotape will allow you to adjust the magnitude of the horizontal speed boost, and all relevant game settings. Descriptions of what the game settings do are included in the configuration routine.

Version 1.2 adds improved compatibility (it should now be compatible with all jetpack mods that add the vanilla "dn_hasMisc_Jetpack" keyword). With this update, you will need to run the holotape initialization sequence before this mods changes will take effect.


Install F4SE.

Use NMM, or add Jetpack Overhaul.esp and Jetpack Overhaul - Main.ba2 to your data directory and tick the .esp in your load order.

Craft the -Jetpack Overhaul- holotape at a chem station (it's found under "Utility"). Run it, and click "Initialize".


Nothing special. Game setting overrides and SetGameSetting do not persist across saves, so jetpacks will revert back to their original behavior after you uninstall. Don't save mid-air though before uninstalling, or you will be stuck with the speed boost.


This mod will override other jetpack action point and thrust tweaks, but you can configure the various game settings via the included configuration holotape.

As of version 1.2, the effects are dependent upon the dn_HasMisc_Jetpack keyword. Many mod-added jetpacks (Jetpacks Unlimited, Cross Jetpack) use this keyword and will be compatible. Others require a patch to add the keyword. If you want to take a crack at making your mods compatible yourself, just add the keyword to the jetpack Armor or Mod Object, or let me know in the stickied comment in the comments section and I'll take a look.

Jetpack Mod Authors: Adding the dn_HasMisc_Jetpack keyword to your Armor or ObjectMod jetpacks makes them compatible without a patch.

See the first sticky post in the comment section for a list of compatible mods.

Known Issues

There doesn't seem to be a direct way to tell when the player has activated a jetpack, so this mod checks to see if the player is holding down the jump key/button. This registers some false positives - if you jump, but continue to hold down jump without activating the jetpack, you will still get the 250% speed boost. I turned this bug into a feature by adding the jetpack sound effect to this phenomenon, meaning you get jetpack assisted running and jumping if you want it. It's pretty fun, albeit a little goofy looking in 3rd person.

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