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TALOS 2.1 IS OUT. 3rd person crash fixed

Permissions and credits

Fixed 3rd person Crash on hit, please download V2.1 and overwrite any file in the mesh folder. The error is shown in OutfitStudio screenshots. My bad, I did wrong when "transforming" the T60 legs from original vanilla asset.

V2.0 *****bugged, update to 2.1 !!!*****

Added TALOS 2 which has arms support. I hope that stalkers out there are satisfied ;)
It does not replace the TALOS 1 model (only legs), but it's a new armor.
Can be made in chemistry station, or obtained via console. Not added to leveled lists...yet.

To install, just extract in data, overwrite if asked and acivate the mod.

"No swim perk" to be fixed soon.

V1.0 *****bugged, update to 2.1 !!!*****

Hi there, this is my first mod. As you may have read in the short description, the mod adds an armor coming in two size (one designed around Vanilla Vault Suit body, the other one around Gunner Flannels body). Why two sizes? Well I didn't like how the game handled the scaling on the different body shapes, so I chose to deactivate "underarmor scaling" option in the addon properties and made the two different scaled models myself.

Some Clipping may occour, that's sure. I've done my best to make the model the more "universal" possible, so this leads to some compromise. Let me know if you really need something to be fixed. And feel free to do it yourself via Outfit Studio or whatever!

Another issue may come with dismember of the bodies: haven't checked myself yet, and actually wouldn't know whatto do it. So...let's just say this might being fixed in the future.

The armor is an exoskeleton which provide no strenght bonus, but doesn't encoumber the wearer (negates its own weight), gives a decent protection without being overpowered (no, it won't be like a power armor...) and resists staggers.
The bad side is that swimming in the suit is kind of difficult --- STILL TO BE IMPLEMENTED, ONLY WORKS sometimes....WIP

Since I'm pretty new to modding, I haven't put the blueprint somewhere in the commonwealth to be found; I've just added a recipe to the chemistry station, which is available from level 1 but it's pretty expensive and components are not so easy to find especially at the beginning...

Cost for crafting:

1 Fusion Core
1 Combat Armor Torso
1 Combat Armor Leg L
1 Combat Armor Leg R
1 T60 Leg L
1 T60 Leg R
10 Aluminum
10 Ballistic Fiber
10 Ceramic
5 Copper
20 Gears
20 Screw

In case you just want to see them in action ASAP

VANILLA Vault Size M/F        ID xx000f9b
VANILLA Flannel Size M/F    ID xx002806

these are the console codes, just put in place of the two "xx" the number of the mod.

Would you want to edit something by yourself via CreationKit or F4Edit, you should look for "00talos", which is the prefix I've used for almost anything.
It shoould use ony Fallout4.esm as a Master File.

We are at V 1.0... Fixes will come.
Future update
Swimming dynamics implementations
Different Textures and color swap
Different sizes / bodies maybe?


REQUIRES Far Harbor for normal and specular map of some parts of the suit, taken from the Marine Armor


Now, time for credits! None of the mod is my original concept: All meshes and textures that have been used are are from modders or the vanilla game.
Basically, I've player lego with triangles....

Hi res T60 and T45 texture by dpillari from his Hi-Res packs, edited by me.

The vest and all the pouches are from MSV Mod by Cerruti 1889, models by Teddyoleg. I edited exsiting models and gave different bone weights.
Thanks Goodfellas!

Marine boots from neagoe's excellent fix.

Tools Used

To edit DDS file and save in correct format

Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
To edit meshes and customize bone weight
Thanks to the creators: none of this could be possible without this little program!!!

****** HOW TO INSTALL ******

Copy folder and .esp into your data folder. You won't override anything, the mod is standalone.
Activate via NMM, vortex or manually adding the mod to the plugin.txt
And... it's 2020, we all should know how to activate a mod, right? ehehe!