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  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v5.x and you...

    Seeing the same questions over and over we figured it would be a good idea to take a few minutes to write a quick Article Highlighting some of the changes.

    -AWKCR now requires all the current DLC's (But the HD-DLC of course):
    Maintaining multiple versions of a large mod like this can be a real challenge, you either have to make updates in 2 files at the same time, or go back and cut out all the DLCs... Steam and other Gaming networks have had the DLC's on sale multiple times and the game is two +/- years old, so.... 

    -AWKCR now requires a more or less current Fallout4.exe: (with in the last few months)
    . At least one person who reported issues was using an old, old build of Fallout 4, pre-CreationClub introduction of some of the new Keywords in the Fall...

  • Instance Naming Rules (INNR) 101

    Instance Naming Rules 101
    This guide is intented to pass on my knowledge regarding what I've learned of Fallout 4's Instance Naming Rules.  These are the rules that dynamically name weapons, armor and cosmetics based on what mods they have attached.  In this guide I will explain how to make a rule run for an object, how the rules process, and how to add your own rules and conditions.

    1) The Basics
    2) Object Instances Explained
    3) Noteable Object Record Fields/Sections
    4) Object Modifications
    5) Instance Naming Rules Explained
    6) INNR Example Flow
    7) Final Notes
    8) Overview of Modding Steps

    The Basics
    The first thing to understand about Instance Naming Rules (INNR) is that the only piece...